Meta, owner of Facebook, is building the world’s fastest supercomputer

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 3:14 PM

THE Facebook is totally focused on the development of its metaverse, after changing even the company name to Goal, the company is now also building its own supercomputer. The company’s machine is being called AI Research SuperCluster (CSR) and should be the fastest model in the world, playing a key role in researching virtual and augmented reality technologies.

According to the company, its new supercomputer will perform over 220 Linpack petaflops, currently the CSR is already operational, but is still being built to reach its potential. The company believes that the model will be fully built by mid-2022, the location of where this computer is was not reported by the company.

We know that the AI Research SuperCluster will play a key role in the future of Goal, being the machine responsible for helping to research and develop “technologies for the next great computing platform”. This means that the supercomputer will work helping the company to create its metaverse, where “artificial intelligence driven products will play an important role.”

Currently the computer features 760 cutting-edge DGX A100 AI compute units from Nvidia and with each having eight Nvidia A100 GPUs, totaling 6,080 GPUs. But when done, the RSC will feature 16,000 more GPUs and 1,240 DGX. Thanks to this amazing hardware, the company’s new supercomputer will be the fastest in the world for AI work.

“To give you an idea of ​​the speed of the supercomputer, once fully built, it will have the speed of over 100,000 desktop computers.”
– Said the Goal.

The model will have a network system Nvidia Quantum InfiniBand with a bandwidth of 200 Gb/s and will have internal storage of 175PB of Pure Storage FlashArray, 10PB of Pure Storage FlashBlade, and 46PB of caching.

Credits: Meta Disclosure

As I am working on internal research at the Goal, The AI Research SuperCluster will not be directly connected to the internet, with any connection being made directly by the company’s own data servers. This should considerably increase the security of the supercomputer, which will be working with key technologies for the future of the tech giant.


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Source: Goal, Tom’s Hardware

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