Metaverse: Command will allow users to touch objects

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta April 17, 2022
Updated 2022/04/17 at 8:47 PM

To try to make the metaverse as similar as possible to the real one, there are specialists developing elements that will deal with this verisimilitude. This time, the novelty came from a group of researchers, who developed a command that will allow users to touch objects.

The device goes by the name of SpinOcchio.

Although not everyone considers it, the metaverse could revolutionize the way people behave. For this reason, as it is an important element in your life, there are specialists who dedicate themselves to the development of resources that make it credible to the real world.

An example of this is the new command SpinOcchio. This was developed by researchers from the MAKinteract Lab from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology and uses spinning, spin technology to recreate touch in the metaverse environment.

The command for the metaverse is capable of reproducing the thickness of objects, as well as the way they are positioned between the users' fingers. Also, according to Gizmodo, SpinOcchio can recreate, for example, ceramics. These sensations are achieved through rotating discs that replicate the sensation of sliding on the skin.

Command that recreates real touch in the metaverse

For the development of the command, the researchers first determined the threshold of tactile distinction for skin sliding. Then, with the results obtained, they tested how the “tactile realism of movement and thickness is perceived with variable visual signals in Virtual Reality”.

The results showed the research team that, in all cases, visual cues dominated tactile perception. Therefore, they recommended using the command with applications that enhance interactivity, as they “contribute even more to realistic experiences”.

The command for the metaverse is expected to be launched at the Computer-Human Interaction conference, which takes place later this month in New Orleans.

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