Microsoft and 35 US States Support Epic Against Apple

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 30, 2022
Updated 2022/01/30 at 4:06 PM

THE Epic Games has been fighting a legal battle against the apple, the first stage of this dispute took place last year, with a court decision favoring the Cupertino giant. Now the game developer is appealing against this decision and has gained support from very important names, such as Microsoft, Electronic Frontier Foundation and attorneys general of 35 United States states.

This new “reinforcement” that the company had sent summaries criticizing the smartphone maker iPhone to the US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. The states point out that the district court erroneously stated that the Sherman Law (which is a part of US antitrust law) does not apply to unilateral contracts such as those of apple and devs, in addition, they allege that in the first decision the damages of the anticompetitive practices of the apple against the benefits.

THE Microsoft states that, despite being one of the largest technology companies in the world, have reason to be concerned about the extraordinary guardian power” of the Cupertino giant, mainly in terms of maintaining competition and innovation. An example of this is the issue of Xbox Game Pass and xCloud, and other cloud gaming services, which are “virtually prohibited” in App Store through the apple.

THE Electronic Frontier Foundation states that the court erred in assuming that all customers were aware of company policies at the time they entered the platform. In addition, the organization also points out the harmful effects of the company requesting payments to take place on the platform, something that Microsoft also complained, saying it was an anti-competitive effort.

However, these summaries and weightings do not guarantee anything in relation to the appeal made by the epic, with the court not even being obliged to consider them. But this show of support could help the company in this second and final court battle, which will not allow any new appeals from both companies.

Despite harsh criticism and support for the competitor, the apple also told CNET that he remains optimistic about the next trial, confident that the first court decision will be upheld.


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Source: Engadget

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