Microsoft Fixes Bug in Windows 11 That Affects Colors on HDR Displays

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 10:45 AM

Like promised, Microsoft has released an update for Windows 11 that brings a fix for a bug that affects the display of colors on monitors with HDR. The update identified as KB5008353 is optional and is now available through Windows Update and the Microsoft Update Catalog.

According to Microsoft, the update changes the OS build to 22000469 and brings fixes for dozens of bugs. One of these bugs causes some image editing software to not display colors correctly on monitors that support HDR. For example, white can be displayed with a yellowish cast.

Additionally, the update also fixes a bug that causes the Windows audio service to stop working on some devices that support Hardware Accelerated Bluetooth Audio, one that causes the volume icon in the notification area to incorrectly indicate that the sound is muted, one that causes PC to become unresponsive when connected to more than one monitor, one that causes taskbar icons to not display on a secondary monitor, one that causes VPN network profiles are not saved correctly, one that causes the command Get-TPM of PowerShell fails with error “0x80090011 Microsoft.Tpm.Commands.TpmWmiException,Microsoft.Tpm.Commands.GetTpmCommand” and one that causes File Explorer to slow down in certain scenarios. The complete list of all fixes can be seen on the Microsoft support site.

In addition to fixing bugs, the KB5008353 update also introduces a new feature in Windows 11 Home and Windows 11 Pro – the new Your Microsoft Account page in the Settings app (pictured below). Users can use this page to manage their Microsoft accounts, manage Microsoft 365 subscriptions, and more from one place. Until now, this new page was only available to Windows Insider Program participants.

Microsoft Fixes Bug in Windows 11 That Affects Colors on HDR Displays
Reproduction / Microsoft

Windows 11 users can now download KB5008353 update via Windows Update. For those who prefer to download the update manually to install later or to install on more than one PC, simply access the Microsoft Update catalog from from this link.

Microsoft Fixes Bug in Windows 11 That Affects Colors on HDR Displays
Reproduction / Fabio Rosolen


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