Microsoft Permanently Disabled Android Telemetry Inside Windows 11

Deepak Gupta May 23, 2022
Updated 2022/05/23 at 11:24 AM

Microsoft has accelerated the collection of information about how users use Windows. Always with a reason to improve its system, it obtains relevant data and then processes it to obtain even more information.

If it is not a simple process to stop sending this information, Microsoft has now taken an interesting step. With the Android update on Windows 11, it turned off all telemetry and user data collection.

With build 2204.40000.15.0, Microsoft brought a lot of news Windows 11 and all systems running on this new version. The main focus of this update was given to the WSA (Windows Subsystem for Android) and Android that runs on this system natively.

In addition to updating Android itself to version 12.1, there were more changes, namely in notifications and even in the interface itself. If these are the most visible, there are others that pass by, but which have an important weight.

Something that few noticed, but that is relevant, is the end of the automatic collection of information from the system. The telemetry that this subsystem had already active was turned off, not getting any information for Microsoft or Windows 11.

Despite the deactivation of the collection mechanisms, this telemetry is still present in Android on Windows 11. Microsoft reveals that if users want to send this data from Android, they must activate its collection in the WSA interface

In addition to this novelty, there is another novelty. Microsoft has also added a new diagnostic data viewer to allow users to examine all diagnostic data collected by the Android subsystem.

This is an interesting step by Microsoft, even more so when it comes to data collection and telemetry from Windows 11 itself. to this your offer, Android.

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