Microsoft tests dynamic refresh rate support in Microsoft Edge

Deepak Gupta January 10, 2022
Updated 2022/01/10 at 7:46 PM

With the trial version of the Microsoft Edge 99 browser available to Microsoft Edge Insiders who have opted in to the distribution channel canary, Microsoft is testing support for dynamic refresh rate. This should give you a better browsing experience with smoother scrolling on web pages.

For those who don’t know or don’t remember, trial versions of the Microsoft Edge browser are offered through three distribution channels – Beta, Dev and canary. The browser offered in the Beta channel receives new versions every four weeks, as with the stable version.

The browser offered in the Dev channel receives new versions weekly. Finally, the browser offered on the Canary channel receives new versions daily and contains more experimental features, so it may be more unstable than the browser offered in the Dev channel. Users interested in testing new versions of the browser can download them by visiting the Microsoft Edge Insider program page at

For PC users with monitors that support variable refresh rate or VRR, you can test support for dynamic refresh rate by following the steps below:

– Install Microsoft Edge 99 available through the Canary channel of the Microsoft Edge Insider program.

– With the browser installed and running, type edge://flags in the address bar, find the item highlighted in the image below and set its value to Enabled:

Microsoft tests dynamic refresh rate support in Microsoft Edge
Reproduction / Fabio Rosolen

With the option enabled, the browser will now adjust the refresh rate automatically when browsing the web to make scrolling through pages smoother. Another detail is that although the description of the new option does not mention its impact on battery life in notebooks such as notebooks with panels that support VRR, the automatic adjustment of the refresh rate while browsing can help a little.

Windows 11 offers something similar that can be accessed from the Advanced View in the area Video of the category System in the Settings app. It’s worth stressing again that this requires a compatible monitor and a video driver that supports it.


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Source: Windows Central, BetaNews

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