Microsoft will stop charging inactive Game Pass members… in two years

Deepak Gupta January 27, 2022
Updated 2022/01/27 at 8:38 PM

It’s very easy for some people to sign up for a service, pay a subscription fee every month, and forget about it all. With that in mind, Microsoft is addressing the issue of inactive Game Pass memberships. As part of broader changes for Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass in the UK, the company says it will cancel subscriptions that have been inactive for a long time.

The company will contact people who are paying for an Xbox Live Gold or Game Pass membership but haven’t used it to at least a year. It will tell them how to stop their payments if they want to opt out. If these people continue to spend money every month without using their subscriptions for another 12 consecutive months, Microsoft will eventually stop receiving payments.

The change will initially apply to UK consumers. Microsoft said On the edge he will release them globally in the near future.

The company adopted the measure – which it has committed to for at least three years in the UK – as part of a voluntary agreement with the country’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA). The regulator is investigating auto-renewing subscriptions on Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch since 2019. Sony and Nintendo have yet to commit to similar ventures.

Along with the changes to inactive subscriptions, Microsoft agreed to provide better upfront information about subscriptions, including clear details on automatic renewals, when subscriptions will renew, how much people will pay, and a way to get a refund if they accidentally renew their plan. .

It will contact users who have annual recurring subscriptions and offer them a chance to cancel and receive a prorated refund. Microsoft will also provide clearer notifications about Game Pass and Live Gold price increases and let users know how to turn off automatic renewals.

“Players need to be provided with clear and timely information to make informed choices when signing up for subscriptions and auto-renewing subscriptions,” said Michael Grenfell, CMA’s executive director of enforcement. We are therefore pleased that Microsoft has given the CMA these formal commitments to improve the fairness of its practices and protect consumers, and will offer refunds to certain customers.”

From time to time, it’s worth a look if you’re getting your money’s worth with your various subscriptions. Otherwise, there is little harm in pausing or canceling them. You can always sign up again later.

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