“Midway” as a free TV premiere: heroic bombast or kitsch festival?

Deepak Gupta February 20, 2022
Updated 2022/02/20 at 12:29 PM

While Roland Emmerich (66) is having the (artificial?) moon fall to earth with “Moonfall” in the cinema, another strip from the “Swabian Spielberg” is celebrating its free TV premiere. On February 20th from 8:15 p.m. Sat.1 says: “Midway – For Freedom”! The true story of the World War Battle of the Midway Islands is such Emmerich stuff, it’s surprising that the director only took on it in 2019. A hopelessly inferior group of heroes, an almost impossible suicide mission and an impressive struggle for freedom included.

An important question: is “Midway” more like Christopher Nolan’s “Dunkirk” or Michael Bay’s “Pearl Harbor”? Or, living up to its name, even the middle ground between the two films? Here is the answer.

Righteous Vengeance – That’s what Midway: For Freedom is all about

Almost six months have passed since the Air Force of the Imperial Japanese Navy attacked the US base at Pearl Harbor. Pilot Richard “Dick” Best (Ed Skrein, 38), like many of his comrades, seeks revenge for the sneaky surprise attack that left the US military in shambles. The news comes at the right time for the daredevil that, according to the secret service, the Japanese are planning another attack, this time on the strategically important Midway Islands.

Admiral Chester W. Nimitz (Woody Harrelson, 60) is then ordered to prepare a trap on the islands in question in order to be able to put the numerically far superior aggressors to flight. Of course, he doesn’t have to look far for volunteers for this hopeless suicide squad…

A classic Emmerich

Emmerich is the Claus Hipp of the Hollywood industry: his name has always stood for a very special form of film mush whose recipe for success he rarely changes. After all, we’re talking about a man who once armed “Patriot” Mel Gibson (66) only with the American flag or sent the US President to war against aliens in a fighter jet – victorious in each case, of course. Therefore, the question asked at the beginning can be answered unequivocally: The “Pearl Harbor” director and explosion fetishist Michael Bay (56) should have a patriotic tear running down his cheeks with pride when he saw the work of his colleague.

The show values ​​provided by “Midway” are very similar to those from “2012”, which means: The computer is the best friend of the Emmerich action. On the other hand, those who prefer the down-to-earth, realistic look of a “Dunkirk” should expect a lot of head shaking on the couch at home with “Midway”. Whether it’s action, drama or kitsch – the German filmmaker’s credo does not always apply to the benefit of his works: “More is more”. This is also the case with “Midway”.


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