Mokoko Lost Ark Seeds – Mokoko Seeds –

Deepak Gupta February 11, 2022
Updated 2022/02/11 at 5:27 PM

Mokoko Lost Ark Seeds – Mokoko Seeds –

In the following guide, we are going to talk about currency Mokoko Seed in games Lost Ark. It is one of the currencies used to buy equipment and valuables. We will also display the prices of all the items you can buy with this currency.

The seeds of Mokoko are used as special currency in Lost Ark which you can use to buy items from Totoma in the village of Mokoko. These items have a high cost, so you need to collect a large amount of seeds from Mokoko.

The seeds of Mokoko can be found anywhere on the map and are indicated by a green pear icon on the map. But, the scale of the map in Lost Ark makes it difficult to find the exact location of the seeds of Mokoko.

How to collect Mokoko seeds in Lost Ark?

Head to the location with the icon Mokoko Seeds and press G on the keyboard to open a prompt that says, “It gives off a sweet, pleasant aroma.” »

Keep pressing G until the bar fills up, and once it’s full, points Mokoko will be added to your inventory for use. To see how many Seeds Mokoko you have in your inventory, click on the ! Icon in the lower left corner of your screen.

Now click on the seeds of Mokoko to see how many seeds you have. You can also see the number of seeds you have collected in a certain region.

How to trade Mokoko seeds?

To exchange seeds of Mokoko with other items and equipment, go to the village of Mokoko located on the island of Tortoyk. An NPC named Totoma trades seeds for items for a cost.

Each item has a different cost of Mokoko Seeds depending on its rarity. Below is a table of all items available for purchase with Mokoko Seeds:

Item prices:

Scarcity Item name Price (Seeds)
T-card Rare Ottoman 50
epic potion of kindness 100
Rare Stronghold Crew Request Form: Chicachica 150
epic Vitality Increase Potion 200
Rare Crew Request Form: Cororico 250
epic Stat Boost Potion 300
epic Map of Mokamaka 350
Legendary Heaven’s Knight License 400
Rare 15 Eurus plan 450
epic Stronghold Crew Request Form: Mukomuko 500
Legendary 3 Shy Windflower Pollen 550
Rare Plan 20 Euros 600
epic Crew Request Form: Poipoi 650
Legendary Title: Mokoko Hunter 700
Legendary Structure: Mokoko Seed Monument 750
Legendary Transform: Egg of Creation 800
Legendary Stronghold Crew Request Form: Kind Paruru 850
Relic Background: Moki Toki 900
epic Masterpiece #32 950
epic Boat model: Floral Caravelle 1000
Legendary Crew Request Form: Narinari 1050
Legendary Title: It Smells Good 1100
epic Masterpiece #44 1150
Legendary Mokoko charm 1200
Legendary Mokoko Weird Emojis Pack 1250
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