“Most embarrassing moment ever” at the start of “The Bachelor”

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 10:02 PM

“There is no bachelor!” The new season of the dome show begins with irritation. When the first two candidates are driven to the villa in Mexico, there is no distributor of roses waiting at the end of the red carpet.

Bachelor Dominik Stuckmann (29) allows himself a joke. He disguises himself as a chauffeur who drives Christina R. (23) and Josephine “Josie” (25) to the house incognito. So he gets unfiltered what the two are talking about the Rosenkavalier.

“Most Awkward Moment Ever”

What Josephine (nickname “Flummi”) and Christina (role models: Shakira and Barbie) say in the car about their expectations of the bachelor is not worth mentioning. Nevertheless, they are ashamed to the core. “Most Awkward Moment ever,” says Josephine, who doesn’t actually have anything of a bouncy ball. “Awkward” or “cringe” is more the conspicuous tendency of many candidates to speak English without motivation (“safe”, “cute boy”).

Dominik is well received by all participants. And this despite the fact that some previously spoke out against blond and blue-eyed men. And the Hesse-born entrepreneur, who was sent into battle by his grandmother with the words “Don’t make babies”, is very blond and very blue-eyed. Especially his ice candy blue eyes are well received. “The best bachelor ever,” says Lara (23). And one is grateful that she says “at all” and not “ever”.

The Gran Canaria-based investor actually seems likeable and modest to the viewer. However, the sports fan and fitness hater flirts a little too much with his allegedly imperfect figure.

Being a bachelor is exhausting

Being a bachelor seems like hard work. Dominik starts sweating more and more in his suit. He always has to fortify himself at the buffet in order to cope with the strenuous arrival ceremony.

When all 22 women are finally there, the bachelor goes straight to the nitty-gritty in the one-on-one interviews. He wants to know how flexible the women are when it comes to where they live. He leaves it open whether he, who cannot imagine a long-distance relationship, expects the chosen one to move in with him or whether he too would be flexible. The 29-year-old also aggressively asks about children. “I want to find out: Where are you in life,” he says.

Various cast at the 12th “Bachelor”

The cast of the twelfth “Bachelor” issue is very diverse. Susanna (27) with her nose ring (he doesn’t like it that much) and Irina (29) with her tattoos stand out as “exotics”. She is the only one with (visible) body paint.

With Christina Aurora (30) there is a candidate who may not correspond to the common body ideal that catchy shows otherwise propagate. In “Germany’s next top model” the self-confident photographer might be described as “curvy”.

In terms of behavior, only Valeria (22), the self-proclaimed “crazy Latina”, stands out. As a native Mexican, she has a locational advantage. Still, a tequila knocks her out completely.

Christina R. and Josephine finally get the first roses to compensate for the “awkward moment” at the beginning. Bella (24) and Jenny (22) get nothing. No surprise, after all they got the least attention from directing.

Elina (25) also has to go. Out of sheer excitement she messed up the greeting with Dominik. Dominik gave her a second chance, she got the first one-on-one interview. But here, too, she was apparently not convincing.


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