Motorola MA1 is the dongle that provides Android Auto via wireless

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 7, 2022
Updated 2022/01/07 at 2:57 PM

This week, the Motorola Sound announced the Motorola MA1, a device that gives access to the Android Auto by wireless in cars with exclusively wired technology support. The device is a dongle with a USB connection, which pairs with the user’s smartphone via Bluetooth, and transmits the data over a connection WiFi in 5 GHz. THE MA1 is intended to be a cheaper option to access the Android Wireless Auto, since not many car models come with this system natively.

The device’s design is circular and very similar to the Chromecast, a device that serves to connect smartphones to televisions. “The Motorola MA1 features an unobtrusive industrial design for drivers who want to experience a seamless wireless connection, but lack the factory-supplied technology to enable it”, describes the ad of brand.

According The Verge, The MA1 it’s not self-developed Motorola. The product is from Meizhou Guo Wei Electronics Co.,Ltd, a Global SGW, which is described as a strategic partner of Motorola.

Usage Details

According to the manufacturer, the Motorola MA1 can be used if the user has a device running the Android 11 or higher, plus an active data plan. It is important to emphasize that the car must be compatible with the wired version of the Android Auto, and this compatibility depends on the assembler’s implementation of the system.

You can check vehicle compatibility by accessing the official Android Auto page. More information about Google devices and options can be found at Google page dedicated to Android Auto.


THE Motorola MA1 will be available for shipping, at the United States, from January 30th. The suggested price by Motorola it’s from USD $89.95.


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Via: The Verge Source: Motorola Sound

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