Mozilla VPN: Mozilla improves Firefox’s anti-tracking feature

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 4, 2022
Updated 2022/02/04 at 7:36 PM

Mozilla improves Firefox’s anti-tracking feature – Mozilla VPN

Mozilla VPN – Mozilla Corporation improves functionality anti-tracking from Firefox to combining the Multi-Account Containers add-on with its VPN service, which allows you to separate your personal online data, such as your work browsing history and your personal browsing history.

Several account containers have been available as an add-on in Firefox since 2017. The feature contains your various online lives in separate tabs that you can categorize using colors, icons, or names.

Containers hold your browsing history. They also store cookies and tracking information. This means that you can log in to different accounts through the same site by simply clicking on another container.

But using the add-on with Mozilla-VPN has the distinct advantage of being able to hide your location via containers.

As Mozilla’s post explains, you can connect each of your online characters to a different server.

For example, if you are traveling abroad but want to check your online banking account at home, you can use the add-on to browse stores in one tab and then manage your personal money from a server near your hometown in another.

And when Mozilla VPN is combined with the Multi Account Containers add-on, using a Mozilla-VPN can help hide your web activity even further. This method makes it difficult for servers to track you based on where you are accessing the site from.

Protect your privacy with Firefox – Mozilla

This method allows, for example, to know what is popular on YouTube in two different countries at the same time. It is also an important privacy tool to avoid prying eyes trying to find contact between your different personalities online.

As for the multi-hop functionality of Mozillawhich first launched for its desktop VPN in September, it allows you to route your online activity through two different servers.

This increases the coverage of your tracks online. The organization has announced that it is adding support for multi-hop functionality through the app Mozilla-VPN for Android and iOS.

Mozilla also provides instructions on how to add multi-account containers to Mozilla VPN, as well as how to enable the multi-hop mobile feature.

However, Mozilla-VPN is still a relatively new service. But unique features, such as multiple account containers, may make it preferable for users with more serious privacy concerns.

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