NASA astronaut reveals where the smells are worst on the ISS

Deepak Gupta February 3, 2022
Updated 2022/02/03 at 7:33 AM

In a podcast, the American actor Tom Cruise asks the NASA astronauts Victor Glover on life in space. Among other things, it comes out that the smell on the ISS is probably very interesting.

NASA astronaut Victor Glover: He reveals that

Victor Glover explains in the “Houston We Have A Podcast” (Episode 229) that the smell on the ISS is most noticeable when you first come to the space station. The strongest smell is in the module that houses the strength-training equipment, according to the NASA astronaut.

“[…] there is also the bathroom. So that probably has the foulest smelling scent. This smells like a dressing room. And so the entire space station smells very much like a factory. It has this machine sterile metallic quality. It smells very much like a workplace.”

Victor Glover

In addition, the NASA astronaut compares the smell to the smell that greets you when you are in a hospital: “You know, when you enter a hospital you feel, yes, the smell of the hospital. It has this antiseptic, germ-free air, so we work really hard to keep it clean.”

What else does Victor Glover reveal?

It is also interesting what Victor Gover says about hot food and hot drinks. Food doesn’t smell as strongly in space either, which of course affects the taste. In addition, there is no feeling of heat. In space, you have to be careful not to eat food that’s too hot, because you just can’t feel how warm something is. In general, according to the NASA astronaut, life in space requires constant attention:

“It’s mentally draining because everything you do requires constant attention.”

Victor Glover

Life in space is also a physical challenge. So the training and the actual execution of spacewalks is exhausting. After all, the vacuum of space is an extreme environment. Above all, it is difficult to move in the space suit. This can weigh up to 1,000 pounds (about 450 kilograms) together with the body. It feels like running two marathons – but on your hands.

Why is Tom Cruise talking to the astronaut?

It has long been known that Tom Cruise is to make a film in space. There will soon be a film studio on the ISS. But the actor will not be the first: in October 2021, a Russian film team flew to the ISS and shot a space film there.

Source: NASA

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