NASA Rover Discovered Junk on Mars

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 17, 2022
Updated 2022/06/17 at 10:13 AM

As we have been warned, the Earth is undeniably polluted and the world’s billions of people produce an unimaginable amount of waste. Apparently, we don’t just stop at our planet, and traces have also been found on Mars.

Apparently, NASA’s Perseverance has already left its mark.

the rover NASA's Perseverance headed to Mars to find out more about the red planet and, if possible, find evidence for life. However, while looking for microbial life, the rover spotted debris from a landing object.

Debris Found on Mars by Perseverance

Apparently, this trace is thermal material that NASA used to protect Perseverance from extreme temperatures as it traveled to Mars and entered the Martian atmosphere. Humans have already left signs of exploration on the red planet.

My team has spotted something unexpected: it's a piece of thermal blanket that they think came from the moment of my descent, the rocket-powered jetpack that brought me down on landing day in 2021.

Said NASA, in a tweet made from the Perseverance account.

The space agency is in doubt about the trajectory that the garbage has traveled. This is because it may have landed at that exact location or arrived there with the help of the wind. Incidentally, this was a question raised by NASA itself.

The traces left by Mars were then left by Perseverance, because in February 2021, when descending, the spacecraft holding the rover discarded a panoply of instruments and objects, including that thermal blanket, a supersonic parachute and a crane that allowed Perseverance to land on the surface of Mars. So this junk found now is not surprising.

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