Netflix: The streaming service simply explained

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 26, 2022
Updated 2022/01/26 at 8:29 PM

When it comes to streaming, Netflix is ​​one of the big players. The service also enjoys widespread popularity in Germany due to its advantageous functions. But what is netflix actually and what is it good for? We tell you everything about how the service works and features.

What is Netflix and what are the advantages of the provider?

Netflix is ​​a subscription-based streaming service. You can imagine the provider as a kind of large media library of films and series. You can access this media library at any time via the provider’s app or website and stream films and series without commercial breaks as you please.

The streaming service not only offers content from various film studios, but also in-house productions, which are called Netflix originals. These are usually only published on the platform. The example of the series “House of Money” or “Elite” show that originals usually achieve great success and popularity.

But that was not all:

With Netflix, you can also easily download content and watch it offline. So really at will, anytime and anywhere. The service also offers useful functions such as “My List”. You can create your own personalized media library as a list, so to speak, by adding films or series to it. Just perfectly tailored to you.

“My List” on Netflix

You can also choose between different subscription options. Some of these offer you high image resolution and video quality as well as the creation of multiple profiles. Among other things, you can also create child profiles with the streaming service and, for example, create a youth protection PIN for unsuitable content, according to Netflix.

Thus, several users can enjoy the streaming “On Demand” at the same time. Netflix clearly has a lot to offer for movie and series junkies. But that’s not easy. To use the streaming service, you need the following:

You must have an internet-enabled device and have a subscription.

And in addition to the question of what Netflix is, we also explain how you take out this subscription.

Sign up for a subscription – Here’s how

In general, you can use the service via the Internet, or the website, or via the app. This works with all internet-enabled devices. This includes not only your smartphone, tablet or laptop, but also, for example, smart TVs, game consoles or streaming players. However, the app must first be installed on these.

Once this is done, the registration now takes place. As part of this, you will also select your subscription option. You have the following three models to choose from:

Netflix subscription options

Follow these steps to sign up for Netflix:

  • Open the Netflix website or app.
  • Create an account by entering your email address and creating a password.
  • Then select your subscription model.
  • Then select a payment method (monthly debit).

And it’s done. Now you can enjoy many movies and series of different genres. As well as all the functions.

However, there are five other features hidden in Netflix. But we have also summarized these for you. We also have all the information about a series that is currently conquering Netflix with all seasons for you.

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