Never forget a Google search again: a new function makes it possible

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 2:50 PM

Such a Google search can be very complex and take a lot of time. Be it because you want to book a trip or are planning a big purchase. It is not uncommon for you to navigate to numerous pages and sometimes open them in several tabs. And suddenly something comes up and you have to postpone the project. If you don’t use bookmarks or other mnemonic devices, you’ll soon find yourself frustrated, wondering where that one useful page you found earlier was. A new function for the Chrome browser is intended to remedy this situation.

New Google Search with Journeys

Your own previous search history can also be confusing at times. But that should now be a thing of the past. Those responsible at Google have now presented a new function on the company’s own blog. It’s called Journeys.

The big advantage of Journeys is that the innovation now groups past Google searches by overarching topics. If you enter a suitable search term in the search bar and click on the appropriate place to continue your search, or if you visit Chrome’s own History Journeys page, you will receive a list of pages that you have previously visited.

Of course, you shouldn’t be shown random pages. Journey also takes into account the length of your past interactions with each result, ranking it by relevance. You should also receive helpful suggestions.

This is how Journeys is supposed to group past searches. Credit: Google

Journeys on Chrome: What happens to my data?

Since it is a Google product, the question of data protection naturally follows. This point is addressed immediately in the blog: “You always have control over your data,” it says. “You can delete individual items or whole activity groups – or switch off journeys completely.”

Of course, the search history can still be deleted as before via the browser settings. In addition, Journeys currently only groups search results on the respective end device. No relevant data ends up in the Google account. It remains to be seen whether anything will change.

Journeys will initially only be available in the latest Chrome version on the desktop in various languages, including German. Depending on user feedback and interests, it should be possible in the future to access journeys from multiple devices.

However, not everything that happens at and around Google is positive: one thing could even become dangerous for you soon.

Source: Google

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