New Android phone surprisingly brings back an old feature

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 19, 2022
Updated 2022/01/19 at 7:42 AM

Actually, BlackBerry wanted to withdraw from the market. But now it has become known that the cult manufacturer of smartphones with a new Android phone wants to return. And this should have a property from the past.

Android phone comes with this special feature

Smartphone users have long since become accustomed to touchscreens. But some people certainly wish they could go back to the days when Android phones still had physical keyboards. It is precisely this longing that BlackBerry will apparently satisfy.

In cooperation with OnwardMobility, the BlackBerry smartphone is to celebrate a comeback. In a blog post, the tech company explains that there will be an “ultra secure” 5G phone that will “still come with a keyboard”.

Cell phone planned for a long time

The device was originally supposed to be on the market in 2021. However, the year was full of challenges, so delays were inevitable. But soon there will be more information about the new Android phone.

While new smartphones come onto the market, others no longer receive support. Two Android phones, for example, will no longer receive updates in the future.

Source: OnwardMobility

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