New Android widget that you’ll want to have on your screen brings you Google Maps and traffic

Deepak Gupta June 16, 2022
Updated 2022/06/16 at 1:31 AM

Google has paid special attention to Google Maps and what this service offers users. The news arrives quickly and almost daily, showing that there is still a lot where improvements and optimizations can be made.

Of course, there are more areas involved and one of these internal partnerships seems to be emerging now. Once again, there is a new widget associated with Google Maps, which all users will want to have on the main screen of any Android smartphone.

Curiosity or not, since Apple revealed its bet on iOS widgets, Google has also been focused on this area. New proposals for its many services and apps on Android quickly emerged, reminding users of its potential.

To remind everyone of the 35 proposals it has, Google revealed a lot of useful information about your main widgets. He wants these to be used more frequently and explored more intensively. In addition, it also revealed a novelty that will soon be accessible to all users.

This will be focused on Google Maps traffic and will show the user all the information in real time. This data is associated with the user's location, who can thus easily know the state of the traffic near him before starting a trip or a trip.

Google Maps Android Traffic widget

Also according to what Google revealed, this widget can be navigated directly by zooming in or out on the displayed map. It is not, as has been the case until now, a shortcut to a specific area or to a detailed map position or functionality.

With great interest, Google has already warned that this new Google Maps will be available to everyone in the coming weeks, requiring an update. At that moment, everything will change in Google Maps, which will have a new and very interesting feature for the user.

Widgets are gaining a new space in the Android universe and this is increasingly visible. Google recalled that it now has 35 available and ready to use, with its services. All that remains is for users to start using it more and thus take full advantage of it.

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