New attack to steal WhatsApp account! Don’t be fooled by this scam

Deepak Gupta May 26, 2022
Updated 2022/05/26 at 1:05 PM

Being an increasingly used service, WhatsApp attracts the attention of hackers and all who are focused on cybercrime. Ways to deceive users are increasingly imaginative, which represents a real danger.

With many schemes already known, there is a new one that is calling the attention of those who are dedicated to studying this phenomenon. It is very simple to implement and only requires a phone number to be dialed, to lose control of the account.

New scam to steal WhatsApp account

There are many and well-known attacks that WhatsApp can suffer. From apps with malicious code that promise users extras, to real orchestrated campaigns to steal data with direct contacts.

Even with all this attention to this problem, new attacks continue to emerge, which unfortunately have high success. The company CloudSEk has now revealed a new way to achieve this, simply by dialing a number on the victim's smartphone.

Once hackers gain access to the account, they request money from the victim's contacts. In this way, the attacker tricks the victim's WhatsApp contacts before the victim even realizes that she has lost control of her account. As service providers all over the world use numbers starting with '67' or '405', victims often call without hesitation

Within minutes the hackers are successful

As revealed by Rahul Sasi, the CEO of CloudSEk, this new attack only involves a contact via WhatsApp and a request. Just dial a number **67* or *405* for the account to be lost.

By carrying out this step, and it is simple because it is a simple and quick contact, the user loses access to his account. It is precisely in the fact that it is very direct and simple that part of its success lies, since WhatsApp users fall into this error.

WhatsApp hackers scam stealing account

How to protect yourself from this new scam

With the account compromised, there are several avenues for hackers to follow. Either they exploit that account to launch new attacks or simply demand money to free users' accounts.

Of course, there are additional ways to protect users. Just activate 2-factor authentication and activate the pin to access your WhatsApp account. Still, it's best to pay close attention to these scams and stay safe.

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