New cinema films in February 2022 – what awaits you (list)

Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 5:38 PM

Do you want to distract yourself from everyday (pandemic) life in front of the big screen? Then you have excellent opportunities to enter the cinema halls in February. Here you have the full list of all the new ones Movies out in February 2022 you can see.

New cinema films in February 2022: the highlights

Last month, the 1978 Agatha Christie film adaptation of Death on the Nile was re-staged. This month you can catch Kenneth Branagh’s remake of the same name. Other highlights of all new cinema films in February 2022 are:

“Beautiful” (2022)

Shortly before her 60th birthday, Frauke (Martina Gedeck) no longer feels desirable. Her husband Wolfi (Joachim Król) doesn’t know what to do since he retired. Their daughter Julie (Emilia Schüle) tries doggedly to adapt her body to the ideal of beauty in the modeling industry. And student Leyla (Dilara Aylin Ziem)? She thinks Julie’s looks would make her life better.

  • Film by and with Karoline Herfurth (“SMS für dich”, “Sweethearts”).

“Beautiful” will be released in German cinemas on February 3, 2022.

“Beautiful” Trailer German

Moonfall (2022)

The moon is suddenly torn from its usual orbit by a mysterious force. It will only be a few weeks before the Trabant hits the ground. NASA manager Jo Fowler (Halle Berry) believes she can avert the end of humanity, but no one believes her. There are only two people by her side: astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson) and conspiracy theorist KC Houseman (John Bradley). The three of them try to avert the impending end of the world by flying into space. In the process, they discover something unbelievable about the moon…

  • Film by Roland Emmerich (“Independence Day”, “2012”)

“Moonfall will be in German cinemas on February 10, 2022.”

Moonfall Trailer German

Kimi (2022)

Angelina Childs (Zoë Kravitz) works as a voice stream interpreter in a seedy corporation that records what users: the language assistant “Kimi” say. Everything that is spoken is collected and evaluated. One day Angelina overhears a murder and is deeply shocked. She reported what she heard to her superiors, but they didn’t want to report the incident to the authorities. That’s why the young woman, who suffers from agoraphoia, has to face her greatest fear and investigate on her own: To do this, she leaves her apartment and ventures onto the street, which is full of people. These are demonstrating due to the coronavirus pandemic…

  • Film directed by Steven Sonderberg (“Ocean’s Eleven”, “Erin Brokovich”).

“Kimi” will be released in German cinemas on February 10, 2022.”

Kimi Trailer German

All new cinema films in February 2022

theatrical release Movie genre FSK
February 3, 2022 “Beautiful” (2022) drama 6
February 3, 2022 “Around the World in 80 Days” (2022) entertainment, adventure 0
February 3, 2022 “Ballet of the White Cow” (2022) drama 12
February 3, 2022 “Felix – A Hare on a World Tour” (2005) (Revision) entertainment, family 0
February 3, 2022 “Dreams Are Like Wild Tigers” (2022) comedy 6
February 3, 2022 Aykut Eniste 2 (2022) comedy 12
February 3, 2022 The Sadness (2022) horror not yet known
February 3, 2022 “Yıldızlar da Kayar” (2022) comedy not yet known
February 10, 2022 Moonfall (2022) Science fiction, action 12
February 10, 2022 “Death on the Nile” (2022) Crime, Thriller not yet known
February 10, 2022 “What Happened to Bus 670?” (2022) drama 16
February 10, 2022 “Love, Sex and Pandemic” (2022) drama, romance not yet known
February 10, 2022 “Marry Me” (2022) comedy, romance O
February 10, 2022 Kimi (2022) Thriller, Drama, Crime 16
February 10, 2022 Deliberay (2022) biography, drama not yet known
February 10, 2022 Mahendra Highway (2022) documentation O
February 10, 2022 “Oedipussi” (1988) (Revision) comedy 0
February 17, 2022 Uncharted (2022) adventure, action not yet known
February 17, 2022 “One more time, June” (2022) drama not yet known
February 17, 2022 “The Path” (2022) adventure, history 6
February 17, 2022 “The Alpinist” (2022) documentation 12
February 17, 2022 “The Girl With Golden Hands” (2022) drama, family 12
February 17, 2022 “End Of Session” (2022) drama not yet known
February 24, 2022 “Belfast” (2022) drama 12
February 24, 2022 “The Man Who Sold His Skin” (2022) drama 12
February 24, 2022 El Fulgor (2022) documentation 6
February 24, 2022 “Hazy Clouds” (2022) drama, thriller 12
February 24, 2022 “SAF” (2022) drama not yet known
New movies February 2022

Before you can see the new movies in February 2022, do you still have to catch up on some movies from the previous month? Here you can see all the movies that were released in January 2022. If you can’t decide which work you want to buy a ticket for: Here you will find the films of 2022 that we are looking forward to the most (with trailer).

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