New HomePod with S8 processor and better sound for 2023

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta June 28, 2022
Updated 2022/06/28 at 9:41 PM

Rumors around the HomePod are beginning to thicken and it is very likely that Apple will really update its offer in this segment. After the numbers have shown a growth of Apple’s smart speaker in the market where competition still dominates, the truth is that there are several possibilities for the Cupertino company to soon launch the new HomePod with the S8 processor and with substantially better sound.

After Apple announced the end of the original HomePod speaker and reinforced the offer on the HomePod mini, rumors point to the new premium speaker as early as 2023.

New HomePod for 2023? Rumors say yes

Apple does not abandon the idea of ​​a premium column in its catalog. As such, analysts say that the new HomePod with better processor and better audio will be ready to be sold in 2023.

According to Mark Gurman, the new HomePod will arrive next year, it will have a very similar appearance to the current one, but renewed in its hardware. The analyst says that the new smart column will come equipped with the S8 processor, the same that will bring the new Apple Watch Series 8, which we should see presented later this year.

This S8 processor will be very similar to the S6, as is the case with the S7 processor in the current Apple Watch Series 7. To give you an idea, the HomePod mini processor is the S5, and the S6 is 20% more powerful, so the S8 has the ability to offer a considerable improvement over the second generation HomePod.

The new HomePod, internally dubbed the B620, will have the same S8 processor as the upcoming Apple Watch Series S8 and will more closely resemble the original HomePod in size and sound quality than the HomePod mini. It will also have a new screen at the top that can even have multi-touch features.

Gurman said.

More sound with new processor

Just because it's closer to the original speaker than the HomePod mini in sound quality doesn't mean it has the same sound quality as the original HomePod. O new S8 processor, much more powerful than the original HomePod's A8can effectively offer a qualitative leap in the reproduced sound.

Apple managed to make a small speaker, such as the HomePod mini, achieve a good sound (to take advantage of Apple Music and all its quality offer), given its hardware, and still be a center of management within the HomeKit platform (in the Home app) and all this thanks to the built-in S6 processor. Of course, it is expected then that with more processing power and eventually with a larger body, the result will be frankly more interesting.

Despite the rumors, the truth is that Apple in Portugal still does not provide the smart speaker because there is no Siri in the Portuguese language of Portugal. Therefore, prices in euros will for now be "related" to what we see, for example, here in the neighbor Spain.

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