New Netflix series conquers the charts worldwide and in Germany

Deepak Gupta February 15, 2022
Updated 2022/02/15 at 8:36 AM

A new series from Korea has been available on Netflix since January 28, 2022: “All Of Us Are Dead“. It has been the world’s most-streamed non-English language for two weeks Netflix series. It is also on the road to success in Germany. But could it be as successful as “Squid Game”?

Netflix series from Korea is number 1

In the new Netflix series All Of Us Are Dead, a zombie virus is invading a high school. Numerous students are cooped up and have to escape quickly in order not to turn into zombies themselves. A plot that is apparently convincing: the title is at number one worldwide in the streaming charts of all non-English Netflix series (from February 31 to 6, 2022):

series weeks in the top 10 hours streamed
1 All Of Us Are Dead Season 1 2 236,230,000
2 “Café con aroma de mujer” Season 1 6 65,860,000
3 Dark Desire Season 2 1 49,590,000
4 “I’m Georgina” Season 1 2 28,740,000
5 Dark Desire Season 1 1 24,990,000
6 Our Beloved Summer Season 1 7 16,030,000
7 “Feria: The Darkest Light” Season 1 1 15,960,000
8th The Queen Of Flow Season 2 12 15,050,000
9 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Season 1 1 14,360,000
10 “Yo soy Betty, la fea” Season 1 11 11,210,000
TV (Non-English) Netflix charts from January 31 to February 6, 2022.

Also in Germany “All Of Us Are Dead” was in first place in the week from January 31st to February 6th. Experience has shown that we will find out what the world will look like the following week on Tuesday afternoon.

However, we already know that the series is no longer in first place in the streaming charts, at least in Germany. Now she’s at #2 (as of February 15, 2022):

1st place series
1 “Inventing Anna”
2 “All Of Us Are Dead”
3 “Broklyn Nine Nine”
4 “Toy Boy”
5 “Love is Blind”
6 Betty in New York
7 “Sweet Magnolias”
8th “disenchantment”
9 Raising Dion
10 “Dark Passion”
Netflix: Top 10 series in Germany

“All Of Us Are Dead”: Promising recipe for success?

The Korean title could have global appeal due to the following components: drama and horror are present, action and haunting violence are on display. We already know that from “Squid Game”. In addition, the story is easy to understand and has the potential to lure us out of our everyday lives. Moral dilemmas are also indicated in the trailer alone.

Some viewers explain that if you like “Squid Game”, you will also like “All Of Us Are Dead”. The series is another masterpiece from Korea:

“All Of Us Are Dead, Squid Game, and Sweet Home Prove Netflix Korea Is at a Whole New Level”

So such as Twitter user @MOONBAEE.

“All of Us Are Dead is another masterpiece in a series created by South Korea. She blends drama, comedy, horror, thriller and action so well throughout the 12 episodes. Also, the characters are so well written that you feel connected even when you know you’re going to lose them.”

The finds @shinotweets.

This “Squid Game” actress

Lee Yoo-Mi, who played Ji-Yeong in Squid Game and sacrificed herself for the life of Sae-Byeok, is in All Of Us Are Dead.

Lee Yoo-Mi (left) and Jung Ho-yeon (right) in Squid Game. © Noh Juhan | Netflix

Other contributors include:

  • Harrison Xu as Chung San
  • Victoria Grace as On-Jo
  • Darren Keilan as Lee Su Hyeok
  • Lisa Yamada as Hyo Ryeong

So far, All Of Us Are Dead has got off to a strong start. Will it continue to run as phenomenally as “Squid Game”? We can neither say nor rule that out at the moment. Let’s not forget how phenomenally successful “Squid Game” was: the series was number one on the streaming charts for a full nine weeks and has been streamed more than 448,000,000 hours in its second week.

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: the new Netflix series at least comes with all the prerequisites for another successful title on the streaming service.

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Sources: Netflix, Twitter/@MOONBAEE, Twitter/@shinotweets

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