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Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
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Every month, the well-known streaming platforms publish new content on their site. Therefore, many films and series appear new on Amazon Prime. We present the list published so far for February and give an overview of new Amazon Original series in 2022.

New on Amazon Prime: Movies in February

In February, a particularly large number of new films will appear on Amazon Prime. There are not only the “Spiderman” classics, but also some love films and romantic comedies on the occasion of the upcoming Valentine’s Day. These include Message In A Bottle (1999) with Kevin Costner and This Stupid Heart (2017) with Elyas M’Barek.

date movie title
02/01/2022 Blade Runner 2049 (2017) (Starzplay)
02/01/2022 Arctic (2019)
02/01/2022 “Scoob!” (2020)
02/01/2022 Running With the Devil (2019)
02/01/2022 Spiderman 2 Extended (2004)
02/01/2022 “Spiderman” (2000)
02/01/2022 Spiderman 2 Theatrical (2004)
02/01/2022 The Green Hornet (2011)
03.02.2022 Tarantino-The Blood Genius (2019)
02/04/2022 Time Is Up (2021)
05.02.2022 “Central Intelligence” (2016)
06.02.2022 Prince Charming (2018)
07.02.2022 “Protégé – Made for Revenge” (2021)
02/08/2022 Bad Neighbors (2014)
02/08/2022 Bad Neighbors 2 (2016)
02/09/2022 “Trolls” (2016)
02/10/2022 “Message In A Bottle” (1999)
02/11/2022 I Want You Back (2022)
02/11/2022 Rooney (1958)
02/11/2022 “Valhalla: The Legend of Thor” (2019)
02/13/2022 “Mr. Jones” (1994)
02/14/2022 Shakespeare in Love (1998) (Starzplay)
02/14/2022 Hot Summer Nights (2017)
02/14/2022 “My Almost Perfect Valentine’s Day” (2009)
02/15/2022 “Love is…” (2012)
02/16/2022 True History of the Kelly Gang (2019)
02/16/2022 “American Pie: The Class Reunion” (2012)
02/17/2022 Ophelia (2018)
02/20/2022 “Miracle” (2010) (Starzplay)
02/20/2022 “Dating Queen” (2015) (Starzplay)
02/20/2022 The 800 (2020)
02/20/2022 “Arahan” (2004)
02/20/2022 “Queenpins” (2021)
02/21/2022 “Servants of Darkness” (2019)
02/22/2022 “This Stupid Heart” (2017)
02/24/2022 “The Girl of Your Dreams” (2020)
02/24/2022 Venom (2018)
02/26/2022 “2067” (2020)

However, a lot of content was still published on Amazon Prime Video at the end of January.

Prime in February: New series and seasons

The first season of the new series “Reacher” is scheduled to be released on Amazon Prime on February 4, 2022 and is an original. Based on Lee Child’s Jack Reacher book series, the crime series tells the story of a former military cop (Alan Ritchson) who moves to a small town. When someone dies there, he is suspected of murder. From now on, it’s all about proving his innocence.

Another highlight is the eleventh season of “Shameless”. The series is about the alcoholic Frank (William H. Macy), who, together with his six children, more or less masters everyday life. Because of his addiction, Fiona, as the eldest sister, is forced to do the household chores and take on the upbringing of her siblings. However, the serious topics are always packed with humor and a lot of love, which makes this series so unique.

The fourth season of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel will also be released on February 18th. The dramedy series is about Miriam Maisel (Rachel Bosnahan), a woman living in New York in the 1950s. When she discovers her talent for comedy, she begins to change her life.

date series title
01/27/2022 This Is Us Season 5
01/28/2022 The Legend of Vox Machina Season 1
01/30/2022 Station Eleven Season 1 (Starzplay)
02/04/2022 Reacher Season 1
02/04/2022 Phat Tuesdays Season 1
02/11/2022 With Love – Season 1
02/11/2022 Schitt’s Creek Season 6
02/18/2022 The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel – Season 4
02/18/2022 LOL: Last One Laughing Canada – Season 1
02/18/2022 “Lov3” – Season 1
02/24/2022 Shameless Season 11

Amazon Prime Originals: Coming in 2022

Amazon has not only planned some originals for February. Some other series are already in the starting blocks for 2022, but do not yet have a release date. The following overview reveals which originals will be released on Amazon Prime this year:

title contents
“Mr. & Mrs Smith” The same story, but now as a series. Two spies are married to each other, but do not know anything about their partner’s activities.
“Daisy Jones & The Six” The mini-series is about a fictional band in the 70’s. Overwhelming fame leads not only to a lot of money, but also to intrigue and conflict.
“The Terminal List” Navy SEAL James Reece (Chris Pratt) is the only one returning from a mission after the rest of his team dies. He quickly gets interrogated, with some pointing to a conspiracy. However, since his memories are clouded, it’s hard to prove.
“Citadel” Mexico, Italy, USA, India. “Citadel” tells about the spy units of the respective countries, but all these units and their stories are linked.
“Fallout” In 2077, a man awakens after a nuclear war has devastated Earth. The story of the film is heavily based on that of the game of the same name.
“Boundless” Just a few years after Columbus embarked on the voyage, two Portuguese navigators set out to circumnavigate the world. One of the main roles is occupied by Álvaro Morte, known from “Heist of Money”.
“Rings of Power” On September 2, 2022, a series about “Lord of the Rings” starts on Amazon Prime and takes place in the second age of Middle-earth. The official title is not yet known, but a second season has already been announced.

If you look at the series and films on Amazon Prime from January 2022, you can see that some content was still released at the end of January. In order to stream comfortably, you should also know the following tricks and tips for Amazon Prime Video.

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