New school calendar for 2022/23 is now available

Deepak Gupta July 8, 2022
Updated 2022/07/08 at 12:45 PM

With the 2021/22 school year already in the final stretch, it’s time to start preparing for the new school year. The Ministry of Education published, this Friday, the new school calendar for the academic year 2022/23 and also for 2023/24.

Know all the dates to get organized.

School Calendar: Publication of dates has already been made in Diário da República

In order to provide more predictable work conditions for schools and families, the order now published is innovatively establishing a multi-annual school calendar, to be in force in the academic years of 2022 -2023 and 2023 -2024, establishing the rules regarding the functioning of educational and teaching activities, namely their beginning and end and periods of interruption, together with the establishment of the timetable for carrying out the assessment tests, the final cycle tests, the national final exams, as well as the tests of equivalence to the attendance of the primary and secondary education.

The publication of the dates has already been made in Diário da República and reveals that classes start between September 13th and 16th. The first period ends on December 16th.

The second period begins on January 3, 2023 and the third period on April 17, 2023. In between, there is an interruption for Carnival, between February 20 and 22, and Easter holidays, from April 3 to 14. The school year ends between June 7th, for students in the 9th, 11th and 12th years of schooling, and June 30th for preschool and first cycle students. For everyone else classes end on June 14th.

As mentioned, in the Diário da República you can also already know the dates for the academic year 2023/2024.

New school calendar for 2022/23 is now available

Order No. 8356/2022 approves the school calendar, for the academic years 2022 -2023 and 2023 -2024, of public pre-school, basic and secondary education establishments, private special education establishments, as well as such as the exam and exam schedule.

School calendar

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