New update: The PS5 should obey your every word

Deepak Gupta February 9, 2022
Updated 2022/02/09 at 7:31 PM

The video game consoles from Sony are almost unbeatable heavyweights on the market in terms of sales figures and range of games. Hundreds of millions of players currently swear by the PS5 and PS4 and can look forward to a major system update. They should bring a lot of new functions that should only increase the fun.

PS5 & PS4: Many novelties

Sony announced this on the official Playstation Blog and the list of innovations is quite long overall. The PS5 in particular benefits from this. While some changes are planned for both platforms, the majority will concern Sony’s new flagship.

Many of the revised features affect player communication and organization. In addition, there is a revised user interface and new options in terms of accessibility. Both the PS5 and PS4 updates now have betas to try. However, since these are unfinalized versions, they could well be bug-prone. You can register for the PS5 beta here, for the PS4 you can do it via this link. However, there is no guarantee for the beta.

“Hey PlayStation”

An exciting feature should also appear for the PS5. This is a voice control with which you can address the console with “Hey, Playstation”. You should be able to use this to start games or search for apps. However, the test is currently only intended for the USA and the United Kingdom.

Below we list a selection of the most important changes for system versions 5.0 (PS5) and 10.0 (PS4). The whole overview is available on the Playstation Blog.

PS5 and PS4: Chat and Share Play updates

– Open or closed chat groups possible (PS5 and PS4): Decide whether someone can join with or without an invitation. Warning: Only people who are also testing the new betas can currently join an open group. Alternatively, you choose a closed one.

– Voice chat reporting updated (PS5): You can now see who’s speaking using icons. This should help to report a fellow player.

– Share play simplified (PS5): Now you can launch the application directly from the voice chat map, instead of having to first enable “screen sharing” as before.

– Voice Chat Volume (PS4): As on PS5, you can now individually adjust the volume of each member within the playgroup.

Expanded Game Base and UI on PS5

– Voice chats are now called parties, for easier access the “Game Base” has been split into three maps: Friends, Parties and Messages.

– There you can now see your friends in the appropriate tab. There are also links there that will take you to the player and friend locator. In addition, it should be easy to reject requests.

– You can now filter your own game collection by genre.

– It is now also possible to pin games and apps with the “Options” button on the home screen. A maximum of five games and apps fit there.

More accessibility help on PS5

– There are more languages ​​for the screen reader that reads screen texts aloud. It is now also available in Russian, Korean, Arabic, Dutch, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish. This increases the list of languages ​​to 15.

– There is a new setting for mono audio for headphones. This should help with one-sided hearing loss. The same sound is now output from both headphones.

As already mentioned, there are a few more innovations that you can check out on the Playstation Blog. By the way, if you want to buy a PS5, you have to be very strong at the moment.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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