New widget apps bring your loved ones directly to the home screen

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta February 7, 2022
Updated 2022/02/07 at 7:08 PM

Internet and smartphones are an extremely profitable combination, which above all provides a lot of comfort in everyday life. Quickly called up the usual social media apps and exchanged ideas with friends and acquaintances. Currently lie for iOS new apps that are very trendy, which shorten the whole thing and bring your family and acquaintances directly to the home screen of your cell phone with the help of widgets.

Noteit for iOS: Send messages and doodles

One of these applications is called Noteit (“Note it” in German). This can be found for free in the Appstore and places a widget on your start screen. From there you can then make small drawings or notes and send them directly. Just a few minutes later, the virtual greeting will appear with your previously selected contact. There are no limits to your creativity.

With Noteit you can send messages to your loved ones. Credit: Apple App Store, Note (screenshot)

Locket: Photos only for the closest circle of acquaintances

Locket (“medallion” in German) also conjures up a widget directly on the user interface of your smartphone. Unlike Noteit, the focus here is on sending photos. There are no other distracting features. The special thing about Locket is that you can only connect with a maximum of five people. Therefore, you can and should only be able to regularly exchange ideas with your dearest fellow human beings.

You can update each other quickly and easily with photos directly on the home screen or just sweeten the moment. In addition, there is only one history in which all photos are collected.

In any case, that sounds like uncomplicated and fun apps. You can then also delete a few other apps: one expert advises against three in particular.

With Locket, photos of your acquaintances appear directly on the start screen. Credit: Apple App Store, Locket (Screenshot)

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