Nike uses innovative technology to improve its sports bras

Deepak Gupta June 2, 2022
Updated 2022/06/02 at 9:47 PM

Currently, technology is an element that, even if it doesn’t seem like it, is everywhere. In yet another example, Nike is integrating it into their sports bras.

Increasingly, we will see this important element allying with industries such as retail.

During the Nike Future 50 For Her conference - to celebrate 50 years of activity - the brand shared that the Alate, Indy, and Swoos bra families are now available in lightweight, medium and high support options. In addition, it revealed that it guarantees more than 70 sizes, having extended its offer to extra small numbers.

For this, Nike has allied itself with technology and is using its potential to offer modern sports bras, through data visualization and avatars. In this way, using artificial intelligence, the brand achieves a better adaptation and more personalized designs, registering the female form in a cohesive way.

We're not just sorting. We are creating specific designs for a much larger percentage of our population to reinforce that sport will never be defined by size.

Melissa Schirripa, vice president of apparel at Nike, explained.

In order to create a database and develop a 3D body map, Nike learned thousands of female body shapes and sizes. Thus, he was able to understand the adjustment needs of today.

Nike Future 50 For Her Event

In addition, Brabot was used, a robot that mimics the soft tissues of the breast and can bend and adopt various positions to help simulate the movement of breast tissue. This new Nike element helped the brand understand how to maximize the comfort of its sports bras.

We know more than ever about the female body. Our investment in women's research, sports science technology, and data visualization gives us the ability to better understand her needs and create the best possible products for her.

Said Bridget Munro, Nike's director of investigation.

In fact, Nike is now closer to what will be the (almost) certain future of retail: streamlined processes and greater personalization at the time of purchase.

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