Nintendo advises against using a smartphone cable to charge the Switch’s battery

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta July 17, 2022
Updated 2022/07/17 at 9:42 AM

Surely, just reading the title of this article, you thought about the many times you used a smartphone cable to charge other equipment with the same input. And possibly that the alternative worked out without a major problem. Well, however it seems that there may be some exceptions.

According to the information, Nintendo has now warned that it does not advise users to charge the battery of its popular Switch console via the smartphone charging cable.




Do not charge Nintendo Switch with smartphone charger

THE official account Nintendo support on the social network Twitter shared an important and useful tip for all users. According to the recent publication, the Japanese company recommends players not to use the smartphone charging cable to charge the battery of their Switch console. In turn, the game brand advises using the special charging cable for Nintendo Switch.

According to the company "When charging Nintendo Switch, forcibly connecting a non-Nintendo Switch-specific charging cable, such as a smartphone charging cable, may damage the charging cable or USB port on the Switch. Also, if you have problems connecting it, make sure it's the correct cable.”.

On this subject, Nintendo had also previously mentioned that the Switch console could not run out of battery for a long time. It is recommended that the device be charged at least once every six months, otherwise it may fail to fully charge.

But the battery is not the only concern of the Japanese brand. Just last week, Nintendo advised gamers not to use their Switch console on days when the temperature is above 35ºC.

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