Nintendo recommends not using the Switch console on days above 35ºC

Deepak Gupta July 13, 2022
Updated 2022/07/13 at 9:39 AM

We are all literally feeling the heat wave that has been felt these past few days. The days are quite hot and there are more than many recommendations for us to protect ourselves, drink plenty of water and avoid being exposed during the hottest hours.

Now, as we also know, when using electronic equipment in the sun, especially if it is strong, the device tends to heat up quickly, which can cause some technical problems. In this sense, Nintendo has now recommended that players do not use the Switch video game console on days when the temperature is above 35ºC.




Do not use the Nintendo Switch on hot days

The strong heat is felt a little everywhere and the news unfortunately ends up reporting several fires promoted by the high temperatures in our country. But in other parts of the world too, the heat is worrying people, authorities and also companies.

Thus, recently the Japanese Nintendo issued an alert where he recommends users not to use his popular Switch video game console on days with over 35ºC. These concerns of the company arise in the context of the heat that affects the countries of the northern hemisphere, with the Japanese capital Tokyo last week recording a maximum temperature of 35 degrees.

Through a post left on Nintendo's official Twitter account, the company explains that players should be careful not to obstruct the Switch's air inlets and outlets, so as not to cause the console to overheat.

In the publication, and in a direct translation, Nintendo says that "if you use the Nintendo Switch in a hot place, the temperature of the main unit may become high. Please use it in places with [temperaturas entre] 5 to 35°C. Also, if the input and output ports [de ar] are blocked, the temperature of the main unit will rise. Improve air access around entry and circulation doors".

If you then have a Nintendo Switch, or even another device, it will be important to keep these recommendations in mind as well.

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