No more crimes! Apple creates law violation notice on AirTag

Deepak Gupta February 10, 2022
Updated 2022/02/10 at 10:35 PM

Today, February 10th, the stalking crime ended. The novelty (and a major milestone in criminal law) was announced by the apple and was achieved after the company announced an update on AirTag. Soon, all new users of AirTag will receive a warning that using the device to track people without their consent is a crime.

Stalking has been a crime since before the launch of the AirTag

Updating the warning about misuse of AirTag will not change anything in those who intend to use it indefinitely, after all the stalking did not come up with the AirTag. This notice will also inform new users that the device should only be used to track your own belongings.

But irony and sarcasm aside, the apple is working on improvements so that people know they are being stalked with AirTags. Among them are increasing location accuracy, improving the system to warn when there is an improper tracking and to emit a louder sound than AirTag when a tracked person receives notice that a device is tracking them.

Model stalked in the United States by AirTag

Model Brooks Nader reported that she was tracked by a AirTag thrown into your jacket. Nader was at a bar in New York, where he lives, and left his jacket hanging around a chair in a crowded bar in the Tribeca neighborhood. She was alone waiting for friends. After that wait, she and her group of friends went to visit other establishments. The entire route was carried out with the AirTag on your jacket.

On her way back home, the model received a notification on her iPhone informing her that she had been tracked by an AirTag for some time. This was not the first report of use of the AirTag for crimes (stalking is a crime): the device has already been used to steal luxury cars and another woman has already posted on Twitter that she found an AirTag hidden in the front wheel of her vehicle.

To prevent such undue tracking, Apple has developed a warning for iPhones that there is an AirTag tracking something close to the person. That was the warning received by Brooks Nader and the woman in the car case. THE apple also developed the Tracker Detect appwith the same function, for users of android.

What is an AirTag?

Released in April 2021, the device is a small locator intended to help users recover lost items such as keys and backpacks. The AirTag has a key fob holder and can be easily placed on any item the user wants to track and doesn’t want to lose, such as a bicycle or backpack.


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Via: mashable, Engadget Source: apple

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