No need to hurry! Now you have 2 days to delete messages on WhatsApp

Deepak Gupta August 9, 2022
Updated 2022/08/09 at 8:48 AM

Unlike other services, even after launching a new feature, WhatsApp doesn’t seem to stop improving them. These are not always important and relevant changes, but they end up changing the offer to users.

The ability to delete messages on WhatsApp was well received by users, but now it has been improved again. Once again it’s something simple, but it completely changes this service and the way we use it.




2 days to delete sent messages

We've all certainly used the feature to delete messages on WhatsApp. This is normally called to action seconds or minutes after a new message is sent, but in many cases it can be used later for the same purpose.

Of course, in some situations this time offered is not enough and that's why WhatsApp has now decided to change its offer. Anyone who regrets a message sent now has 2 days to permanently delete it.

An important improvement applied to WhatsApp

the change revealed significantly extends the time given to users to remove messages. Until now the time given to users to erase what they wrote was limited to just one hour, something that many considered not enough.

The news was officially revealed on WhatsApp's Twitter and should reach all users very soon. Everything should happen with the arrival of a new update and thus be extended to all who use this messaging service.

More time to delete what you sent in this service

It is important to remember that this novelty may not work immediately in all conversations. All users need to be using the same version with support for this new feature or the messages are kept, without showing any error.

This change is important and will likely be usable by everyone soon. When it has more than 2 days, users no longer have to rush to delete their sent messages that they want to remove from the conversations where they are.

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