Norton 360 – one of the most complete online privacy and protection solutions

Deepak Gupta July 22, 2022
Updated 2022/07/22 at 7:14 PM

Today we are connected to the Internet on PC, smartphone or tablet, to work, to talk with family, to study, play games, watch movies, shop… and so much more. Privacy issues are constantly being called into question, as well as online security, which is why it is so important to be cautious and have robust tools that help anyone stay safe online, like Norton 360.

If you’re really looking for a robust solution for the whole family and for all devices, know that you can try it completely free of charge for 2 months.

Currently, for a person to be protected on the web there are several layers of protection that are implied. Either you take your chances and behave as carefully as possible when using a computer or smartphone connected to the internet, or the most viable solution is to have a more powerful protection that does the job of being aware of threats by we.

The option we present is ideal for any home user. We're talking about Norton 360 solution that offers multiple layers of robust protection for various devices and still ensures your online privacy. Norton 360 may be one of the best solutions for you and you can test complete for 2 months.

Norton 360 - What are the advantages?

The threats and challenges of those who surf the Internet today need something more than a simple "antivirus". That's why Norton 360, in addition to this layer of protection, still offers more to its users, thus ensuring greater security.

When we talk about protection, we are talking about "real-time" threats. In other words, Norton 360 Standard provides devices with protection from existing and emerging online threats. Furthermore, it helps to protect your private and financial information when browsing online.

The security solution is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning, with constant monitoring of online threats around the world to help protect devices against viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware.

There is also to highlight the Smart Firewall for PC or Firewall for Mac. In this case, Norton Smart Firewall monitors network traffic sent and received on your computer when it is connected to the Internet, thus helping to block suspicious traffic. In this way, it helps to protect your personal data and files from malicious attacks and prying eyes.

Secure VPN

In addition to the protection issue described, there is also the way we browse the internet. We've talked about the importance of having a VPN several times and this Norton 360 service offers a robust option.

VPN stands for “virtual private network” or “virtual private network”, that is, it is a private network based on the public internet network, with encrypted traffic and full protection of your online identity. With a VPN, it is possible, for example, to access applications, websites and entertainment platforms safely, from virtually anywhere in the world.

In addition, today that we work from home, it is essential to hide the location, not only for our security, but also for the security of our company's information. But this is also valid for those who simply want to minimize their information available online.

But there's more to Norton 360...

Norton 360 Standard also offers a password manager that allows you to generate, store and manage your passwords, credit card information and other credentials online – easily and more securely.

For backing up important files and documents, you can still count on 10 GB in the cloud. It is more of a prevention measure against data loss caused by hard drive failures, device theft, and even ransomware.

price and availability

You can test the Norton 360 Deluxe or Norton 360 for Gamers service for a free period of two months, through this link. To proceed with the free trial, you will have to enter your credit card details, but no amount will be charged in the two months. After this trial period, you will have access to an exclusive price for the one-year plan.

Norton 360

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