NOS: Customer support will now have intelligent software for customer service

Deepak Gupta July 7, 2022
Updated 2022/07/07 at 11:15 PM

Operators’ customer support services are one of the ways to report problems, breakdowns, resolve billing information, etc. As with other national operators, NOS will also have a technical support service based on a platform equipped with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Learn more about the Solvatio platform.

NOS: Platform will allow fault screening and management

Committed to the continuous improvement of the customer experience in all its aspects, NOS revealed that it has implemented the innovative Solvatio platform, an automated troubleshooting and fault management solution, assisted by Artificial Intelligence.

Already implemented in the automatic assistance channel on the helpline, as of today, the solution will also be integrated into the NOS App, allowing customers to use an automatic support service for questions in the fixed internet scope.

NOS: If you call customer support, you will be answered by a software

Through the adoption of a single platform and thanks to its technologically advanced features, NOS thus provides a unique and coherent omnichannel, autonomous, intelligent and informed Technical Support process, based on:

  1. In the automatic diagnosis of the network/equipment, without the need for customer intervention;
  2. In the context and history of the customer registered in the system;
  3. In the learning that the platform acquires over time about the actions that optimize the resolution of the detected problems, thanks to the combination of AI technologies.

Available in the Customer Support menu in the NOS App, through the new functionality it is possible to carry out a diagnosis on the fixed internet whenever problems are suspected and apply corrections and performance optimizations automatically, eliminating the primary need to contact the hotline. support.

NOS: If you call customer support, you will be answered by a software

According to the typology of the question, the customer may be autonomous in its resolution, following the steps recommended by the platform. In cases where there is a need for remote or face-to-face intervention, the customer is automatically forwarded to the Technical Support Line, which will receive the request properly contextualized, without the need to ask additional questions or repeat actions already carried out.

The customer can also interrupt a screening at any time and resume it on the same or another channel – autonomous or assisted.

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