Nubank to launch mobile insurance service soon

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 7, 2022
Updated 2022/01/07 at 12:38 AM

Nubank ended the year 2021 on a high by opening its company on the stock exchange, starting an e-commerce in the application, among other functions. Now they start the new year at the same pace. Fintech is in the experimental phase of a cell phone insurance with coverage against theft and theft. Some customers selected an email inviting them to know about a new “confidential” service of the digital bank.

Some news portals had access to the service contracting page in the app. It offers a complete plan that covers theft, theft and accidental damage. However, the value of insurance for mobile phones can also differ, varying between the different models and options selected by the contracting party.

TecMundo had access to a complete simulation of an iPhone 13 Pro and the monthly coverage amount was BRL 116.70, with an additional (single) deductible of BRL 770 — the amount is charged if the insurance is triggered. TechTudo did the complete protection of the iPhone 8 Plus (Apple), for example, would cost R$ 63.90 per month, with a deductible of another R$ 375.

Upon signing the plan, the insured undergoes a 30-day grace period, counted from the date of taking out the insurance. The launch is carried out in partnership with Chubb Seguros Brasil SA, and is also supervised by the Private Insurance Superintendence (SUSEP).

What is not covered by Nubank?

The information also disclosed by TecMundo was also possible to confirm that Nubank Celular Seguro does not cover:

  • intentional damage;
  • Natural depreciation;
  • Pre-existing failures and failures prior to the term of the insurance;
  • Defects caused by maintenance services or installation of new accessories;
  • Defect caused by equipment not approved by the manufacturer;
  • “Acts performed by persons known to the insured, relatives or not”;
  • Accidents during assembly, disassembly, cleaning and related processes;
  • Accidents arising from the installation of software or applications;
  • Abnormal voltage variations, short circuit and the like.

Official Nubank Note

Fintech has sent an official notice to the news portals explaining that only a small portion of its customers have had initial access to the service. Check in full:

Nubank confirms the start of tests for a small portion of its base of more than 48 million customers of Nubank Celular Seguro, an insurance for smartphones developed with a partner insurance company. We see a huge window of opportunity for improvement in the insurance market and, like our life insurance, Nubank Vida, we are developing a product to revolutionize the smartphone insurance category as well.

At this moment, we are collecting a series of opinions and suggestions for improvement about the new product, with the objective of making possible adjustments and developing the best cell phone insurance for those seeking a smart choice. As this is a trial, the product is still subject to change. We will soon open a list of interest in our channels to gradually expand the availability of Nubank Celular Seguro to the entire customer base as soon as the testing stage is completed.”


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