Oclean F1 Electric Toothbrush – the best technology to take care of your oral hygiene

Deepak Gupta July 15, 2022
Updated 2022/07/15 at 1:47 PM

Traditional toothbrushes are essential for maintaining good dental hygiene. However, electric toothbrushes, in addition to greater durability, still ensure a more effective cleaning. It is in this sense that on several occasions here we show what technology has to offer and Oclean is one of the brands that operates in this segment with high quality proposals.

Meet the new Oclean F1 available for around €20.

THE Oclean F1 It is one of the brand's latest electric toothbrushes and it enters directly into the low-cost segment.

This product is quite silent. According to the brand's indication, it has noise reduction technology, emitting only 45 db. The integrated motor is capable of 3600rpm, allowing the user to adjust three cleaning modes, namely normal cleaning, bleaching and gentle washing functions.

The battery can provide an autonomy for 30 days, in a use referred to as "normal". Charging is done through magnetic support and should last about 2 hours.

Oclean guarantees comfortable and effective brushing thanks to its 3D design and is FDA certified. According to medical guidelines, teeth should be brushed for at least 2 minutes, 2 to 3 times a day. To facilitate this count, the Oclean F1 starts brushing and stops every 30 seconds to change the brushing zone.

Oclean F1 electric toothbrush - the best technology to take care of your oral hygiene

This brush is, of course, water resistant, IPX7 certified. It is available in dark blue and light blue colors, and on the front there is a button to turn on and select the cleaning modes, as well as a light panel that indicates the battery percentage and the cleaning modes themselves.

Oclean F1 electric toothbrush - the best technology to take care of your oral hygiene

THE Oclean F1 toothbrush is available on sale for just €20.95, taxes included. For the same price of 20.95, a kit of 4 Oclean replacement heads.

Oclean F1

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