One of the new features of iPadOS 16 will not be for everyone and Apple explained why

Deepak Gupta June 12, 2022
Updated 2022/06/12 at 11:59 PM

Apple is in the process of renovating iPadOS, with new features that make it a system more adjusted to what it has available. This tablet is getting closer and closer to being a computer and its operating system has to keep up with this change.

One of the novelties presented last week showed just that, with the arrival of Stage Manager, both for iPadOS 16 and for macOS Ventura. Now, the Cupertino giant has revealed the reason why this novelty will not be able to be used by all iPads.

Stage Manager is a completely different way of organizing a user's desktop. Arrange open windows around the sides of the screen in thumbnails that can be recalled at any time. In addition, it allows you to group windows to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks.

In addition, and in both iPadOS and macOS Ventura, it is possible to have an open and well-centered window, being in the user's focus. So, everything is centered on this app and on this window, for the user, who focuses on this workspace.

This novelty is now known, it will not be available on all iPads where iPadOS 16 will be able to be installed. From what has been revealed, only the most recent and those who have Apple's SoC M1 will be able to use the Stage Manager. Apple has already come to explain the reason for this limitation.

Stage Manager is a fully integrated experience that offers an all-new window experience that is incredibly fast and responsive and allows users to run 8 apps simultaneously on iPad and an external display at up to 6K resolution. Delivering that experience with the immediacy users have come to expect from the iPad's touch-first experience requires large internal memory, blazing fast storage, and flexible external-era I/O, all provided by iPads with the SoC M1.

As was justified, everything is based on the resources that these devices are able to offer the user. Only those who have the SoC M1 present are able to offer these capabilities that Stage Manager needs, both in terms of processing and memory.

iPadOS 16 iPad Stage Manager Apple

Thus, and as explained, the Stage Manager will be accessible only to iPads that have Apple's SoC M1 present. By way of comparison, the current iPad Pro features this SoC and up to 16GB of RAM, but the 2020 model has Apple's Bionic SoC and 6GB of RAM.

Apple does not rule out that Stage Manager can be used on older models and without the SoC M1. However, to ensure a complete user experience, it has set this limit and will apply it.

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