Online Casino Vs Bookmakers: Where You Win More

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 24, 2023
Updated 2023/01/24 at 4:42 AM

It is not uncommon for passionate players to devote their attention to both sports betting and casino games. These are two different types of activities which, however, have some points in common. In both cases these are activities that require time and experience to give winning results and, moreover, in both cases, the fundamental element is passion: in the first case for betting, in the second for casino games, in the third case for both. Sports betting requires in-depth knowledge of both of the rules and, also and above all, of the football market trend.

A player can, in fact, choose whether to bet on one team rather than another based, for example, on the recent acquisitions of the latter in terms of players or, simply, evaluating the possible performance based on the progress of the matches. previous. In both cases, these are criteria whose use is extremely valid for the purposes of a winning bet.

As regards, however, the casino games, in the latter there are both the classic games, including Blackjack, Poker or Baccarat and also the famous Slot Machines. Compared to playing in casinos, the strategies used by professional players have more to do with the development, through experience, of the ability to predict or anticipate the moves of others in order to win the game. The same principle is clearly not applicable to slot machines whose operation is purely left to chance.


As previously mentioned, in the case of sports betting, a fundamental role is attributed to observation and deduction. These terms refer to the player’s ability to draw a pattern about the trend in terms of winning or losing a particular team, thus trying to draw valid anticipations with respect to the possible course of the game on which he intends to bet. However, observation and deduction are not the only tools available to the player. In the case of sports betting, in fact, a valid help can be represented by the ability to use some mathematical tools, including the calculation of probabilities.

It is a methodology based on the use of specific mathematical formulas which, starting from some simple variables, is able to predict in what percentage it is possible for a certain event to occur. In this case, the event in question is the win or loss of a team. It is clear that this is not an infallible method nor a tool capable of giving absolute certainties, it is more than anything else a device that the player with strong mathematical skills can use in case he does not want to rely simply on intuition, deduction, and observation.


Let’s talk about the Casinos now. As previously mentioned, the casino game includes both the classic table games and also the ancient, but always current, slot machines. What are the strategies most used by passionate casino players? First, you need to differentiate between table games and slot machines. Or simply follow 먹튀 platform to find some best casino websites and useful information regarding different casino games.

If, in fact, in the first case the use of a valid strategy can make a difference, in the second case the only element in which the player can trust is the benevolence of the algorithm of which the aforementioned machine is composed.

Back to Poker, Baccarat, and similar games. An element that certainly distinguishes an experienced player from a novice is, of course, experience. The latter is what allows the expert player, after having collected years and years of playing at the tables, the ability to decipher the moves of others, unmask any opponent’s bluff, or, simply, anticipate their moves. If, in fact, a novice player will rely mostly on instinct, the expert will use the technology developed during the years of play but, also and above all, the mastery with which experience has endowed him.


After the appropriate premises, we, therefore, come to the initial question: Online Casino vs Bookmakers, where do you win more? Well, our answer is that there is no absolute theory. It all depends on the experience, the strategies used and the technique acquired over years and years of play. Whether the chosen activity is sports betting, whether you are dedicated to casino games or both, the odds of winning will, in all three cases, be determined by the intersection of three main factors extremely linked to each other: strategy, technique, and experience.

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