Paid News Online? Portuguese don’t adhere much…

Deepak Gupta June 20, 2022
Updated 2022/06/20 at 1:37 PM

Over the last few years we have witnessed the attempt to monetize news in the digital world. Several channels have been implementing payment mechanisms for content consumption.

However, the payment for online news takes a long time “to gain dimension in the national market”. Discover the latest results of a study.

Only 12% pay for online news...

According to one study, only 12% of those surveyed by the Reuters Digital News Report say they have paid to access digital news content in Portugal. The study was based on data collected between January 14 and February 10, prior to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

In this business segment, "the most frequent form of payment is the subscription to a news service on a continuous basis", with 32.4%, "followed by payment for news indirectly, through the subscription of another service (27%) and access to digital news through a package that includes paper news", such as, for example, codes in printed newspapers.

"The survey data indicate that the most subscribed title in digital format by the Portuguese is Expresso (28.8%), followed by Público (22.9%), Correio da Manhã (21.2%) and Jornal de Notícias ( 17.8%)", points out the study.

The document also points out that the use of social networks has increased on all major platforms, except Messenger (down 3.2 percentage points) and Twitter (down 5.2 percentage points).

Paid News Online?  Portuguese don't adhere much...

As for the consumption of news on social networks, it increased on all platforms except TikTok (-2.0 percentage points) and Twitter (-4.3 percentage points).

Facebook is used, in general, by three quarters of Portuguese who use the Internet (75.9%) and for the consumption of news by about half (48.7%)", followed, respectively, by YouTube (67 .7% general use and 24.5% for news consumption) and WhatsApp (67% and 24.4%, respectively).

Between 2021 and 2022, the platform that most increased usage was Instagram (4.7 percentage points from 48.3% in 2021 to 53.0% in 2022, in general usage, and 5.6 percentage points from 14.4 to 20.0% in news consumption). Regarding Facebook, since 2015 "it has lost almost 20 percentage points (18.4 pp.) of news consumption" in Portugal.

The services that the Portuguese usually pay for are streaming movies and series, with 21.5% of Portuguese who use the Internet subscribing to at least one of these offers and 9.5% subscribing to two".

The Reuters Digital News Report 2022, the 11th annual report of the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism, was based on surveys of more than 90,000 Internet users in 46 countries, including Portugal.

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