Pay TV operators lost 300,000 customers in one month

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 15, 2022
Updated 2022/01/15 at 2:52 AM

While the streaming goes from strength to strength (fruit pulp only), the cable TV lose your subscribers. THE Anatel released on its website the update for the month of November on the number of consumers of “cable TV” in Brazil. From October to November, 300,000 subscribers abandoned the service.

Southeast with the highest number of subscriptions

THE Brazil now has 16.4 million subscribers to cable TV, while in October that number was 16.7 million. The state with the highest number of subscribers is São Paulo, which represents the largest number of subscribers in the Southeast region (the region with the highest number of accesses in Brazil). It is no surprise that the state of São Paulo and the Southeast lead, we are talking about the most populous state and region in Brazil. However, the number of subscribers in SP dropped 1.9%, only behind Minas Gerais, whose access to cable TV fell 2.8%.

Source: Reproduction/Anatel.

The state that had the highest percentage of decline was Pará, with 10.9%. The northern region, where Pará is located, had a drop of 6.5%, being 0.1% above the Brazilian Midwest. The Federal District is the state with the highest number of accesses per 100 inhabitants, with 32.32. São Paulo has 31.67 and Rio de Janeiro closes the podium with 29.25.

Streaming and piracy affecting pay-TV

this week the disney announced that it is revamping its subscription channels here in Brazil. The decision was motivated by the strategy of the disney to focus on streaming, a platform on which it has already surpassed 118 million subscribers. Here in Brazil, 19 million people subscribe to Netflix. This data doesn’t show how many people might be watching with shared accounts. THE HBO also launched its streaming service in Brazil in June 2021. Even with a growth during the pandemic, the trend is that people end up opting for the streaming, since you can choose what to watch. And some of these services are even streaming live sports.

Another point that affects the cable TV it’s piracy. THE Anatel is in a campaign, with the Brazilian Pay TV Association (ABTA) to combat pirated devices from IPTV. In July 2021, more than 40,000 units of this type were learned in the Port of Santos. IPTV is not illegal, but several devices on the market, such as AzAmerica, BTV, HTV, Red Play and My TV Box, illegally access broadcast lists of pay TV channels.


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