PayPal payments: The long-awaited innovation is finally here

Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 7:47 AM

PayPal users can now look forward to a helpful new function that was announced months ago: Pay after 30 days. The innovation has finally arrived in Germany. The new one has these advantages PayPal payment.

PayPal payment: This is offered

If you have bought something on the Internet, it is now possible with the new PayPal payment to only pay for the purchases after 30 days. Users in Germany had to wait months for the innovation, but it was finally introduced in this country. It has been possible since January 27, 2022.

β€œThe new service will be visible to customers in their PayPal account in the coming weeks. For merchants, this results in opportunities for larger shopping baskets and a higher conversion rate – and without additional effort or costs. With the new ‘Pay later’ button, merchants can also increase the visibility of these payment options in their online shop.

This is how payment works after 30 days

You can select “Pay after 30 days” after logging into your PayPal account. Subject to the positive credit card check, you can complete the purchase as usual via PayPal. After 30 days, payment will then be made automatically by direct debit. So you no longer have to make a transfer.

The new PayPal payment is available to customers with a shopping cart value between 1 and 1,000 euros.

Soon there will also be the possibility to postpone the due date once for a small fee. However, this must be done before the 30 days have expired.

Important information about PayPal

Here we list the pros and cons of PayPal payments. If a PayPal payment is not possible, it could be due to these reasons. You can find out how PayPal Buyer Protection works here. And this is how you can change your password with PayPal.

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