PDF invoices accepted until 31 December for tax purposes

Deepak Gupta May 26, 2022
Updated 2022/05/26 at 3:09 PM

In March 2021 the deadline for accepting paper invoices was extended to June 30, in May to September 30, in July to the last day of 2021, in November to June 30, 2022 and now to the last day of this year.

PDF invoices for tax purposes will be accepted until the end of December this year.

Six more months to use invoices in PDF format

Companies can use invoices in PDF format for another six months, after the Government postponed from June 30 to December 31 the date to stop equating them with electronic invoices, according to a recently published order.

This postponement of the deadline for accepting PDF invoices, considered electronic invoices for all purposes provided for in tax legislation, has been justified by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This extension of the delivery of the IRC was the subject of a note this week from the chairman of the Order of Certified Accountants (OCC), Paula Franco, denouncing that it was an insufficient postponement in view of the difficulties of these professionals and that the official had refused the requests of the OCC since November. 2021, for an extension until 30 June.

The Portuguese Association of Accounting and Administration Companies (APECA), this Wednesday, called for an extension to June 30 of the deadline for submitting the periodic income tax return, justifying this need with the impact of the pandemic.

In 2021, delivery of the Model 22 was delayed from June 30 to July 16. The order can be obtained on here.

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