Pink screen on iPhone 13: what is it and how to solve it

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 25, 2022
Updated 2022/01/25 at 6:01 AM

Unfortunately, many users are encountering a serious problem with their new iPhone 13. The glitch that turns the iPhone 13 screen pink is happening around the world and the Apple claims the error is a software issue.

After being bombarded by Twitter and also on the company’s official forum, Apple released a way to fix the problem, first through Weibo, because according to the company, Chinese users are the most affected by the problem.

What is iPhone 13 Pink Screen?

The glitch that turns the iPhone 13 screen pink is a software problem. Even if the user performs the exchange of smartphone components, including even the screen, the problem may persist.

According to Apple, the problem is a iOS 15 software compatibility error with various applications. Many users point out the beginning of the problem after using the phone’s camera, or after rebooting the system. The company did not specifically point out which apps were causing the failure.

how to solve the problem

Apparently, it’s no use going to technical assistance to change the components of the device. The only solution to the problem is aadevice software update to iOS 15.3 version. In addition to installing the beta version of iOS 15.3, the company recommends updating all apps installed via the App Store. iOS 15.3 can be downloaded via the Apple’s official page.

The only way to solve the problem is to update the device to iOS 15.3 version.

So far, users with the latest version of the software installed are not reporting problems with the pink screen of the iPhone 13. Which seems to be good news for those who bought the new generation of Apple smartphones. However, the company has yet to release new updates to ensure that the problem does not recur under any circumstances.

While Apple is considering implementing a periscopic lens on the iPhone 15 (which will be released in 2023), users of the iPhone 13 lineup need to remain cautious with their device. Let’s hope the company focuses on solving the current generation’s problems, rather than completely focusing on the company’s upcoming smartphones.


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