PlayStation VR2 headset with rounded design inspired by PS5, PS VR2 Sense controller revealed by Sony

Deepak Gupta February 23, 2022
Updated 2022/02/23 at 6:44 AM

The PlayStation VR2 – the Japanese company’s next-gen virtual reality headset – was unveiled by Sony on Tuesday. Sony’s new PS5 peripheral is clearly inspired by the design of the PlayStation 5. The company also showed off the new PlayStation VR2 Sense controller, which has a new sphere-shaped circular design. Sony says it has retained the ergonomics of the original PS VR headset, while adding new features such as a lens adjustment knob and a built-in motor for headset feedback. The company has yet to reveal when the PS VR2 system will be available to consumers – or how much it will cost.

In a blog post showcasing the company’s latest PS VR2 headset, Sony explained that the new headset was inspired by the look of the PS5 console. While the console has flat edges intended for placement on a flat surface, the company says the PS VR2 headset features a rounded design because it’s intended for constant human contact, just like the rounded edges of the DualSense controller and the Pulse 3D headset.

The PlayStation VR2 will also be equipped with a lens adjustment dial, according to Sony.
photo credit: Sony

Sony says it used feedback on the ergonomics of the first PS VR headset when creating its successor, such as weight balance and the adjustable headband. Likewise, the adjustable scope and placement of the stereo headphone have not been modified for a more familiar experience. Meanwhile, Sony has added new features, including a lens adjustment dial, which allows users to optimize vision in the headset by matching the distance of the lens between the eyes.

The upcoming PS VR2 headset also has a new built-in engine for headset feedback, and Sony says it has managed to do so by offering a slimmer design compared to its predecessor. The PS VR2 headset will also feature a new ventilation design, located in a space between the top and front surface of the bezel, for better airflow, preventing the lens from fogging up during gameplay.

Some of these details were first revealed at Sony’s CES 2022 conference in January. The upcoming PS VR2 will offer 4K HDR OLED displays (2,000×2,040 pixels per eye) with a field of view (FoV) of 110 degrees and a refresh rate of 90-120Hz. The PS VR2 headset will offer eye tracking for enhanced, intuitive interaction and power efficiency as the headset will only render what the player is looking at. It will feature four cameras for headphone tracking and control and IR cameras for eye tracking. The PS VR2 headset’s sensors include a three-axis gyroscope and three-axis accelerometer, as well as an IR proximity sensor.

Sony says PS VR2 dev kits have already been shipped to game creators, which means the launch of the headset will be accompanied by the launch of games that take advantage of the new PS VR2 headset hardware. That makes sense. What good is new gaming hardware without games? Back at CES 2022, Sony announced Horizon Call of the Mountain for PlayStation VR2.

As mentioned earlier, Sony has yet to reveal pricing details for the PS VR2 headset and PS VR2 Sense controller, or when they will be available to customers.

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