“Police call 110: Hilde’s legacy”: This is the first case of the new duo

Deepak Gupta
Deepak Gupta January 28, 2022
Updated 2022/01/28 at 12:59 PM

The character Olga Lenski (Maria Simon, 45) said goodbye to crime retirement at the beginning of 2021. After a long wait, fans are finally getting to see Adam Raczek’s (Lucas Gregorowicz, 45) new partner. André Kaczmarczyk (born 1986) slips into the role of detective inspector candidate Vincent Ross for the first time in “Polizeiruf 110: Hilde’s legacy” (January 30, 8:15 p.m., the first). After the first ten minutes, one thing becomes clear: this is no ordinary duo. Because the two commissioners could hardly be more different.

That’s what “Police call 110: Hilde’s legacy” is about

Even before his first day at work begins, detective inspector candidate Vincent Ross, fresh out of police school, is involved in a murder investigation: 22-year-old Bastian Grutzke (Oskar Bökelmann, born 1997) was murdered above his new apartment in Slubice, Poland. The day before, the young student helped Ross move in. Adam Raczek is amazed when he meets his new colleague at the scene of the crime.

The traces in the apartment point to a dispute that is apparently related to the Grutzke family’s inheritance. Because Bastian’s grandmother, Hilde Grutzke (Tatja Seibt, 77), has hidden a large sum of cash in her house. But the older woman, who also likes to reach for the shotgun, does not have a good relationship with her family – she is cold and distant, especially with her son Ulf (Lars Rudolph, 55). She had no contact with her grandson Bastian until shortly before his death. Granddaughter Emma (Ada Philine Stappenbeck, 25) only had a close relationship with her brother, otherwise the girl isolates herself from her family.

Hilde is only close to her nurse, Sandra Böttcher (Isabel Schosnig, born 1972), who takes care of the woman who has COPD. Who will inherit Grandma Hilde’s fortune? Does the beneficiary have anything to do with the murder? During the fall, Adam suffers from insomnia, which in turn affects his ability to concentrate – his new colleague Vincent does not miss this fact. But the complicated family circumstances make demands on the two inspectors, real teamwork is required…

Is it worth turning on?

Definitely. The Brandenburger “Polizeiruf 110” mostly delivers exciting thrillers in the German-Polish border area. At the center of this very gripping case is a dysfunctional family. A tragic death, money problems, alcoholism and an unapproachable, mean old woman – the lives of the protagonists are marked by strokes of fate. “‘Hilde’s legacy’ is a social family tragedy that tends toward black comedy,” explains screenwriter Anika Wangard (b. 1977) to the broadcaster. All characters are characterized by a tragic-comic way – which should make you smile in some places.

However, the characters also arouse sympathy from the viewer – above all the grieving sister Emma Grutzke, who is stumbling through life completely helpless after the death of her brother. Kudos to actress Ada Philine Stappenbeck, who oscillates between innocence, desperation and irrepressible strength. Lars Rudolph in his role as homeless father Ulf should also not go unmentioned. “Lars is unique – only he can embody the three levels of tragedy, threat and humor with this virtuosity without them getting in each other’s way,” enthuses director Eoin Moore (b. 1968).

But of course the focus is on the interaction of the new duo. The contrast couldn’t be stronger: while Adam struggles with insomnia, appears weary and old, Vincent is young, agile and full of energy. The new commissioner is “a man with a completely different understanding of masculinity and police work,” author Wangard says.

Vincent talks about his feelings, allows closeness and appears as a gender-fluid character. Adam, on the other hand, shows hardly any emotions, is cool and has clear ideas about how men and women should be. On the basis of the commissioners, the classic understanding of roles is contrasted with a new one. This circumstance definitely makes the Brandenburg “Polizeiruf 110” more modern – and the new duo more interesting. However, dark clouds are also gathering on the horizon. The last scene is tough and leaves the viewer with a bad feeling…


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