Popcorn Time, the popular pirated video streaming, stops working

Deepak Gupta January 6, 2022
Updated 2022/01/06 at 5:24 PM

THE Popcorn Time stopped working (again). The popular application to “pirately” watch movies and series was closed by those responsible and everything indicates that this time it is not coming back. At least not if another group of people takes over the project. The reason, according to the image on the page of Popcorn Time is the fall in the public of pirate streaming.

Popcorn Time caused fear on Netflix

At the beginning of the popularization of the streaming The Netflix he swam, the big studios didn’t have their own services. In the blue ocean of this service, only the piracy was rival of Netflix. And a name scared the company: Popcorn Time. And now this old rival of the company and everyone else streaming services died. Apparently, for good.

On the main page of Popcorn Time a graphic of the Google Trends showing interest in the app since January 8, 2015, when the service was not yet a year old. As of 2016, searches for Popcorn Time they fell precipitously, sinking like a lead zeppelin. What may have caused the drop in searches for pirate streaming? Many things. The popularization of Netflix, the culture of splitting an account between friends, the perception that it is better to subscribe to a service than risk the security of the PRAÇA pirating movies and series and the emergence of rivals from Netflix.

The first version of Popcorn Time was closed shortly after its appearance, but as it was an open source project, another group of people followed up on the pirated streaming service. If the current group responsible for maintaining the streaming abandoning the project altogether, nothing prevents other people from continuing the Popcorn Time. It remains to be seen who would like to continue a service that no longer appeals to the public, even though it is free.

Popcorn Time was sued in September 2021

Major Hollywood producers have filed a lawsuit against the Popcorn Time last year. The action asked for a fine of 3.1 million dollars for those responsible for the site, as well as of course requiring the service to be closed. In a statement, the company did not confirm whether its closure was due to legal reasons. It is likely that the combination of low demand for Popcorn Time allied to the fight against piracy was the app’s cause of death. F.


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