Portugal: More than half of homes have smart meters connected

Deepak Gupta July 23, 2022
Updated 2022/07/23 at 11:33 AM

The functionalities of smart grids, through a smart meter, make it possible to carry out readings at a distance (without using employees of the network operators or the customer), as well as carrying out other remote operations such as changing the contracted power.

According to recent data, more than half of homes have smart meters connected. Already have yours?

A smart meter is an intelligent electrical energy management device, integrated into a technological infrastructure, which, in addition to measuring electricity consumption, allows the processing and availability of data and support for the provision of services, through remote communication.

Smart counters: Key features

With smart grids, electricity consumers will be able to benefit from services such as:

  • Automatic readings: it is no longer necessary to collect or give readings, as they reach the electricity distributor automatically, sent by the meter itself
  • Invoices without estimates: with automatic communication of readings, you are no longer billed based on estimates. You will only pay for what you have consumed during the billing period
  • Remote operations: it also allows remote network operations to be carried out, eliminating the need for a technician to physically move whenever you want to change your power or tariff
  • More effective troubleshooting: allows for more effective troubleshooting and remote resolution of technical problems
  • Greater control over your consumption: records information on electricity consumption in short periods. Thus, if you authorize the processing of your consumption data, you may be given detailed information about your profile, helping you to make more efficient decisions, for example, which are the busiest times and which is the best tariff for the type of consumption it does.

Portugal: More than half of homes have smart meters connected

According to the new legislation, by the end of 2024, E-Redes must ensure 100% coverage of customers. 2.9 million smart meters missing. Until now, around 4.3 million smart meters are already installed in mainland Portugal. Of this total, "3.4 million smart meters are already under remote management", said E-Redes.

The new Basic Law for the Electric System was approved at the start of this year and, as the Secretary of State for Energy explained at the time, the diploma intended to have "a system much more flexible, dynamic and fully integrated with the objectives of decarbonization".

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