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Deepak Gupta August 13, 2022
Updated 2022/08/13 at 10:41 AM

This week at the Pplware office we have the following topics for questions asked by our visitors:




This office intends to clarify the main doubts that are transmitted to us by Pplware's readers and visitors, in all platforms, places and addresses where we are already represented.

The choice of questions is made in such a way that as many topics as possible are covered and those that we find most relevant and interesting are presented.

The answers presented reflect our understanding and intend to present possible solutions. However, we count on our readers to complement, enrich or even contrast them, so that they are as rich and complete as possible.

To continue this section, we chose some more questions that were received in the official email of Consultório Pplware.

Do you want to send a question to the office? read how can you do it at the end of this office!

How to have CapsLock and NumLock on Windows if it doesn't have led?

Good afternoon PPLWARE

After purchasing a new laptop with windows 11, I realized that both the CapsLock and NumLock keys do not have an active or inactive LED.

Is there any way in regedit to activate a notification in the tray to show how it is?

Or alternatively, that indicator that appears on the screen like that publication you once shared to the laptop camera (I already saw this in the publication and activated it)

Tech Greetings,

André Gomes



The native option present in Windows for this purpose is accessibility, but it is a sound effect (+ optional visual), which probably doesn't fit what you want. Still, I quickly describe how to activate it:

  • For sound effect go to Settings > Accessibility > Keyboard (in Interaction section) > Sound Keys (On)
  • To add visual effect, go to Settings > Accessibility > Audio (in the Hearing section) > Make my screen flicker during audio notifications.

If it doesn't work, you'll have to opt for third-party apps. The first one I suggest, as I've been using it for many years, is the Logitech SetPoint, which will work for this situation even if you don't have a Logitech compatible peripheral. You will only have to open the application and, in the options, activate the option “A lock key is pressed (for example Caps lock)”, present in Status


Another possible option is the TrayStatus software, where you just open the settings and, in Status Indicators, you can choose the “Lock” keys for which you want to activate an indicator (which you can also customize):

There are others that you can also explore, but these seem to do exactly what you want.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

How to protect and shield a USB pen from writing?


I needed your help...

the problem is the following: I want to put some files on a usb pen, I give it to someone and that someone can see the files but can't copy or edit those files that I put on it... but to read it, you don't even need to pass...

How can I do something like this...

I wait for

Renato Neiva



I'm sorry to say that it's not possible to do what you want using a pen drive. In order for a file to be opened, the copying process is implicit: a copy is made to the computer's (volatile) memory. If it can be opened, it can also be copied. If it is not a direct copy, it can always be a copy by successive screenshots (in the case of visual content), or by recording the reproduced content (in the case of sound or other media content).

Now, depending on the type of files (text, image, sound), you can block them (conversion to PDF as image), strong watermarks, partial samples that make full use impossible, among others. Even if it were considered a media content site to access these contents, it is relatively easy to copy them if they can be seen in full.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

How can I use the optical port without any problem?

Good afternoon,

I recently bought a samsung tv and it comes with an optical type audio input.

So, I bought an adapter to be able to connect the television to a stereo I already had, however when I'm watching the normal channels it works perfectly, but when I switch to netflix, hbo or disney+ it starts to make a very strange noise and it doesn't work. sound, do you know what it could be?

Diogo Pereira



It's not easy to give a clear reason for what you describe, simply because it never happened to me and I don't know what "very strange noise" this will be, but I have a hunch.

The optical sound system is compatible with various audio compression technologies such as Dolby Digital (Dolby AC-3), Dolby Atmos, DTS, DTS:X, among others. If one of the parties is not compatible with the existing technology (in this case, either on the TV side or on the stereo side), that is, if it does not have the ability to decode the content, then you will hear very strange loud.

If that's the case, you can start by exploring the TV's options menu for something like “Encoding type”, where options like Compressed, PCM, and possibly other more specific ones usually appear. In this case, the PCM will be the one that does not use compression, so it should be the “most compatible”. Otherwise, only an improvement in the sound device (stereo) could correct this problem, and I recommend that before any step, make sure that my guess of incompatibility of the system is correct.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Can I already have this new feature of Windows 11?

Hello Pplware,

I saw days ago that Windows 11 already has tabs in file explorer

My question is simple and quick, that is, how can I activate? I've already tried your recipe, but something fails and won't let me.

Can you help?

Damasio Nunes



This news came a few builds ago in the Insiders program. Therefore, you must ensure that you are using this Microsoft program to obtain updates.

If you are not registered with Insiders, you will not have early access and therefore will not be able to use the tabs in the file explorer yet.

Even so, and even for those who are insiders, this was still a functionality limited to some users. It was, however, released to all.

So, see what you're using on your PC and find out whether or not you can have this novelty present and accessible.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Is it worth buying the new Galaxy Z Flip4?

Pplware, I leave you here a quick question to help me.

With the new Galaxy Z Flip and Fold released, current models are getting cheaper and with renewed interest.

My question boils down to trying to know if it's worth upgrading from a Z Flip3 to a Z Flip4 or the news is minimal.

Marta Joana Dias



We already had access to the equipment and we can prove that there is change and evolution in these smartphones.

Even so, and given what is new, we do not believe it is logical to switch from the current model to the new one.

The purchase of the new one for those who enter this universe for the first time, yes, it is something that makes sense to us for what this folding smartphone offers.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Now that the chosen questions are presented and the answers given, we ask that our readers comment on them and contribute any additional information that they feel is necessary.

Any and all questions you would like to see answered here should be posted on the exclusive communication channel dedicated to the Pplware office.

We talk about the email created for this purpose: consulting (at) pplware.com. This is the only point for receiving questions that you send us. Use it to send us your questions, your doubts or your problems. Your answer will come very soon.

Remember to use email consulting (@) pplware.com to send us yours questions

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