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Deepak Gupta May 28, 2022
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This week at the Pplware office we have the following topics for questions asked by our visitors:

This office intends to clarify the main doubts that are transmitted to us by Pplware's readers and visitors, in all platforms, places and addresses where we are already represented.

The choice of questions is made in such a way that as many topics as possible are covered and those that we find most relevant and interesting are presented.

The answers presented reflect our understanding and intend to present possible solutions. However, we count on our readers to complement, enrich or even contrast them, so that they are as rich and complete as possible.

To continue this section, we chose some more questions that were received in the official email of the Pplware Consultório.

Do you want to send a question to the office? read how can you do it at the end of this office!

What is wrong with my Android?

Good Morning,

I have a Redmi Note 10 PRO, with MIUI 12.5.2, Android 11.

I cannot download or share documents available through Android APPs. For example, if I access my bank's APP, I can't share my IBAN or proof of transfer via Whatsapp, or even save it on my phone directly. The same goes for files in gmail.

Also, in gmail or via browser (Chrome), I can't upload files as attachments.

I already looked in the security settings, and even changed the battery saver ones for the specified APPS, but nothing worked.

Any idea how to solve this problem?


Pedro Valente



What you seem to be describing will be associated with a problem with app permissions and Android itself.

From the description it presents, it appears that the access permission to files and media has been revoked and that it may be inaccessible.

See in Settings -> Applications -> Permissions -> Files and media what you have defined as authorized apps.

If it doesn't have any app defined, go back and in Applications choose Manage applications and then select WhatsApp, for example. Inside, see the Applications Permissions area and navigate to files and multimedia. Allow access and then try again to access files and send to another contact.

If it works, you should repeat this process for each app where you had this problem.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Is this normal behavior of my pen in Windows?


I would like to thank you in advance for your answers to other questions I asked, they helped a lot.

My question today has to do with the name of the files. I had a file on the pc, I put it on the pen and then I couldn't open it. I was trying to change the name of the file on the pen and it was not possible. I copied the file to the desktop and then yes, it could be read.

I changed the name of the file on the desktop (which I gave) and then copied it to the pen and it worked.

My question is if there is any way to allow the file to have a large number of characters or that the "file path" within some folders can be done without problem and if you think I should change the pen since in this one, I don't it was allowed to change the name of the file.

Thank you very much.

With the most sincere regards

Luis Soares da Costa



It looks like that pen will have the lock active, which is preventing you from making the changes you want.

The simplest thing is to copy all the files to your computer's disk and do a low-level format of the pen, inside Windows.

You can choose any file system, just making sure it's not a quick format.

After that the problem should have been resolved. If it still remains, then we recommend that you even change the pen, as you may have a problem.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Should I use a powerline? And what brand should I choose?

Good afternoon,

I have the fiber meo service with the fibergateway router (GR241AG) on the ground floor and I need to have internet on the first floor.

The house is old and has stone walls, and the light is single phase, after some research I think the best solution will be a powerline, but I don't know which to choose, TP-Link or Devolo.

Which one works best with this router?

If you can advise me I would be grateful.

Best regards

Pedro Sousa



The powerline solution is, in most cases, more efficient than any wifi solution, because it does not depend on the communication between devices over the air and uses the electrical network as a back-up network.

Thus, you can easily extend your home network by connecting only 2 of these devices, and you can easily change the end of the network with extreme ease.

As for the brand you should choose, any of the ones presented is capable of giving you what you want.

Our experience is greater with Devolo and we know that it will be able to offer you what you are looking for, in a simple and hassle-free way in the configuration.

Even so, surely TP-Link will have a similar system and with the same features and functionality.

Since they must be similar, bet on the sales value and what they offer as an extra in each connection kit.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

How can I have my tablet keyboard in PT?

Hello Pplware,

I saw this week that they analyzed the Chuwi HiPad Pro tablet (https://pplware.sapo.pt/gadgets/analyse-tablet-chuwi-hipad-pro-de-108/) and that the keyboard it brings is not in our language.

As I am interested in this equipment, especially for the price, I ask if it is possible to have this keyboard in Portuguese.

Also, and because the keys will be in another distribution, I ask how I could have the keyboard with the keys in our language.

Just put some stickers on top? I've seen them for sale and I don't quite understand how it works.

Thanks for the reply and keep up the great work you have been doing.

Yours sincerely,

Francisco Campos



Regardless of the character represented on each key, the keyboard layout is automatically changed by the operating system according to the chosen language.

That is, considering that you have chosen the PT-PT language while the keyboard is EN-US, the keys will work as if you were using a PT-PT keyboard, in the usual positions that we know well, even if the symbol that physically represents it may not be what is actually being introduced. For that reason, and especially for those who don't know the keyboard by heart, or if the device is shared, many users choose to stick stickers on the keys that differ.

You can see more information in an analysis we did on keyboard sticker films: https://pplware.sapo.pt/tag/peliculas-autocolantes-para-teclados/

The procedure is very simple and works perfectly.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Should I or should I not use Windows from the Insider program?

Pplware, while I was trying out Windows 11, I noticed that I can join the Insiders program and thus have access to the news earlier and before everyone else.

I also read that Microsoft advises against using this version for most users, because it may have problems.

So, I ask you why you make it available if you don't want it to be used later. Does this make any sense?

I would also like to know if it is really problematic to use this version and what problems there may be. Isn't Microsoft trying to get no one to use it, thus ensuring a few surprises for when it launches?

I'm not here to create conspiracy theories, but I was intrigued.

If you can or know how to answer, I would appreciate it.

Rui The Man 🙂



His conclusion is far from being logical and even practical. Microsoft has no secrets with Windows 11 and its Insider program. This is intended to give access to new versions, still in development, to all who want to try them.

In return, Microsoft receives validation of what it has developed and that it will soon be accessible to everyone. The errors that exist will be corrected and thus do not cause problems for Windows.

As for the recommendations not to be used, it is also simple to understand. These versions are often still being finished and developed. Therefore, they may have problems that simply make Windows unusable.

If that's a working machine, it could be a problem for you and Microsoft doesn't want to be responsible for that problem.

So, remember that these versions can and should be used, but in controlled environments that do not cause problems for those who evaluate them.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Now that the chosen questions are presented and the answers given, we ask that our readers comment on them and contribute any additional information that they feel is necessary.

Any and all questions you would like to see answered here should be posted on the exclusive communication channel dedicated to the Pplware office.

We talk about the email created for this purpose: consulting (at) pplware.com. This is the only point for receiving questions that you send us. Use it to send us your questions, your doubts or your problems. Your answer will come very soon.

Remember to use email consulting (@) pplware.com to send us yours questions

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