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Deepak Gupta July 23, 2022
Updated 2022/07/23 at 10:32 AM

This week at the Pplware office we have the following topics for questions asked by our visitors:




This office intends to clarify the main doubts that are transmitted to us by Pplware's readers and visitors, in all platforms, places and addresses where we are already represented.

The choice of questions is made in such a way that as many topics as possible are covered and those that we find most relevant and interesting are presented.

The answers presented reflect our understanding and intend to present possible solutions. However, we count on our readers to complement, enrich or even contrast them, so that they are as rich and complete as possible.

To continue this section, we chose some more questions that were received in the official email of Consultório Pplware.

Do you want to send a question to the office? read how can you do it at the end of this office!

Why doesn't the perfect smartphone screen stay on the TV?


Before starting I would like to express my sympathy for your site.

I have a question about mirroring the cell phone screen on the TV. I have a Xiaomi 12T pro and when the mirror on the LG OLED TV I can't get the TV to appear completely filled with the cell phone screen.

There is a black stripe underneath and another one on top and yet another one on the left side. Is it possible, by changing some mobile or television setting, to have the TV screen completely filled?


Attached I send a photo illustrating the situation.


Alexandre Martins



First of all, on TV we have an aspect ratio of 16:9, and on mobile it will probably be something like 21:9, so soon it will lead to part of the screen not being filled, under penalty of content being cut.

However, by the same logic, with regard to the left side this should not happen. Most likely the origin of this image mismatch is from the smartphone.

However, in most TVs (including LG), it is possible to adjust the Zoom of the image, with different parameters available. Depending on your TV and remote control model, you may have a direct key for that feature on the remote control, or you will find that option in the picture settings. But, in order to omit the black bands, you can be sure that one of the two: either the sides will be cut off, or the original aspect ratio of the image will be lost.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

How can I turn an audio into a word document?


can they help me?

Is there any application that transforms an audio to word document?

That is, a recording for a written document.


Luis Sendão



Yes, there are dozens, or hundreds, of apps capable of doing what you want… with the exception that if it's not for Word, it will be for any other text format.

The keyword you are looking for is “Speech to text”. If you search for those words, you'll find not only apps but also loads of online services, some better than others, and some more expensive than others. Among so many, I do not risk suggesting any, I just invite you to try some and choose the one that best serves the purpose.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Do iPhone 11 and iPhone x still have updates?

Hello Pplware,

I'm thinking about buying the iPhone 11 or iPhone x but I have questions about operating system updates

Arlindo Gonçalves



It is natural that older devices will have a shorter support. Still, specifically for the iPhone X (released in September 2017), you can count on brand updates until late 2023/early 2024. As for the iPhone 11 (released in September 2019), Apple should support more long, until 2026.

Regarding the comparison between the models you mention, only the screen is lower on the iPhone 11, with everything else being higher. The choice is on your side, but I wouldn't hesitate to choose the iPhone 11.

[Respondido por Hugo Cura]

Should I or should I not close apps I don't use on Android?

Hello Pplware,

I needed your informed opinion to clarify one thing. My Android smartphone has been slower than usual and that's why I've been spending time closing all the apps that are running that I won't need.

My question is if this process is really useful or if I'm just wasting time and the system will take care of everything automatically.

I wait for your answer to know if I keep everything as it is or if I change the way I should use the Android smartphone.

João Nascimento



Sincerely? You are wasting your time with this process, which despite seeming logical has no impact on your smartphone's performance.

The management of memory and background apps is already very mature on Android and works very well, leaving nothing forgotten and consuming resources.

In fact, and even if the apps don't appear on the open list, they may be running and dealing with essential processes, with notifications, checking for new information and others.

So, we have the good news to give you that you will have much more free time to devote to other interests and leave your smartphone. Let Android do that management and you'll realize you've just been wasting time.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

After all, in what space do I manage Windows?

Pplware, using Windows 11 I noticed that this system has changed a lot compared to the previous version. It's prettier and with things elsewhere.

This is precisely where my question comes in, as I don't have all the options I want in one place to manage. There are elements in Settings and still others in Control Panel.

My question is whether to use one or the other. Has Microsoft already defined when the migration ends? I ask for your help on how to use these areas.

Daniel Corteiro



Microsoft is, since Windows 11, moving its system management options to the new Settings area. This will be the central point where all the management will be carried out and where users will access.

As would be expected, this is a process that will take some time, as it is a phased migration and must be carried out with the utmost care, so as not to cause problems.

Thus, and until the passage is finished, you must use both interfaces. When using the Settings you will in most cases have direct shortcuts to the other area, thus making it easier to use.

[Respondido por Pedro Simões]

Now that the chosen questions are presented and the answers given, we ask that our readers comment on them and contribute any additional information that they feel is necessary.

Any and all questions you would like to see answered here should be posted on the exclusive communication channel dedicated to the Pplware office.

We talk about the email created for this purpose: consulting (at) pplware.com. This is the only point for receiving questions that you send us. Use it to send us your questions, your doubts or your problems. Your answer will come very soon.

Remember to use email consulting (@) pplware.com to send us yours questions

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