Privacy takes Google out of Dutch schools! Goodbye to Chrome and hello to DuckDuckGo

Deepak Gupta July 25, 2022
Updated 2022/07/25 at 7:33 AM

Privacy issues have been one of Google’s biggest problems in recent years. These are not just concerns of users of its free services, but they have greater weight in those accessible to private or governmental entities.

The latest case comes from central Europe, straight from the Netherlands. In this country Google has completely removed Chromebooks and its search engine from schools and the recommendations point to the use of other solutions such as DuckDuckGo.




Europe has tightened the siege to Google and what this company has available on the Internet, in its operating systems and in its browser. There are several cases and they almost always focus on user data and the way they are stored and processed for the company's benefit.

After other countries raised awareness of this situation, it was the turn of the Netherlands to take a more active and focused action. This time it was applied to schools in this country and they remove all access to Google and its services.

From what is revealed, this measure will lead to Chromebooks being removed from schools in the Netherlands. In addition, the Ministry of Education also revealed that Chrome itself and other services are barred.

Google schools Chrome Netherlands privacy

Although initially this decision seemed to be total, it has already been clarified that there are ways to adjust it. It will suffice that additional measures are taken to protect student data, so that it remains safe.

Schools will have to take these extra measures by at least August 2023. At that time Google should release updated versions of the two services that should be more GDPR compliant. Schools that wish to continue using Google can consult the technical guide from Google Workspace for Education.

This guide sets out various policies associated with privacy and seeks to steer schools towards using safer alternatives. Among these measures is the already well-known abandonment of the Google search engine and starting to use DuckDuckGo, for example.

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